Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Time has come…

To close out this blog and start anew. I have combined both my blogs into this blog. I tried wordpress and it was beyond me so I just did what I do best and worked with blogger.

Come here and see what you think and if you’re interested join me on my new journey, if not that’s fine too, it’s been fun having you along.

Healthy, Wealth and Wise: NOT...but learning

Take care my friends and have a blessed evening.


If you’re not from the states or Canada you just may not know what the BWCA stands for so before I go and show you all of God’s beauty I’ll share a bit. Boundary Waters Canoe Area is what the letters stand for. It’s a place where there is no electricity, no potties (the flush kind), no amenities other then what you bring with you. IT’S GREAT!!! Anyone can live without for a bit and 9 days is easy. If you want to see a bit more about the BWCA go here and check it out.

We started our journey out at 4am Saturday morning. There was Bob (the other adult), Joe his son, Brett, Kyler, Mike and I. As you know I had been planning and packing for all of us and was happy the day finally had arrived. As we are getting the last of our stuff together, picking up Kyler in town Bob tells me they have to stop and buy some tents. TENTS!!! He forgot to pack them. Oh well there’s outfitters and other places along the way to stop. We got two of them at Wal-mart (not a wise decision) to cheap if you ask me beings we are going where we are for as long as we were (they found that out the first night when it rained). Anyways, we also picked up bowls since other then the packers no one else remember eating utensils and equipment. Still not a big deal, paper did make clean up a bit easier. Finally we are in Ely, we got there before anything opened, so had time to just gather our thoughts and me to teach a little bit about what’s next. We got our permits at 8am, listened to all the information needed to enter the canoe area and after stopping for a quick bite to eat were on our way by 9. The Echo Trail leads us to our entry point 14, The Little Indian Sioux River. If you have never portaged or even wondered what that is, well lets say it’s the hardest part of the job. Getting your gear and canoes from one point to another. It’s hard, especially when everything hasn’t been eaten yet. We had 10 packs, misc gear and 3 canoes plus us. Our first portage was hard. It was all down hill, rocky and 1/3 of a mile. We made it and were on the water by 10:45. Once we were loaded we headed out for the most wonderful vacation of the year. We paddled and paddled and portaged and portaged and one more portage, and paddled some more. We made it to Lower Pauness Lake and found out the boys and Bob do not want to go any further and we will be base camping. Not quite what I had planned but I can do whatever makes them happy. So we set up camp and had the time of our lives. We hiked 30 miles in those 9 days, paddled an additional 25 miles and did a few more portages but just for day trips of fishing, swimming and exploring. They told us when we left it hadn’t rain up there in weeks so it was really dry so be sure to put a water ring around out camp fires and to just be careful. Well since this has been the year for rain in Aitkin/Crosby we must of brought it up with us because it rained. It rained 2 full days and 5 of the 8 nights. Of course it didn’t make a big difference to us other then we got plenty of sleep because it would start to drizzle about 9ish so we’d be in the tents and it’s quit about 6ish so I’d be out on my sunning rock at 7:30. I had a rock, about 100’ away from my tent that I would go out to in the morning and relax, pray, get dress and be ready for a day with the guys. It was amazing up there and so beautiful and so much more. Plenty of time for soul searching, figuring a few things out and also making myself more confused on other issues. Life’s not simple here in the Riley household but we’ll make it.

Now I bet you’re tired of reading and ready for some pictures. Beware, there are lots of them. Just enjoy.

100_7268 100_7158

The view from across our camp.

100_7187 100_7189

5 loons that came to play and Kyler fishing.

100_7190 100_7196

Joe fishing and part of the Sioux River Tower Lookout.

100_7197 100_7200

More lookout and a grouping of rocks where we think one of the supports were for the old fire tower.

100_7201 100_7202

More lookout.

100_7203 100_7215

Us at the lookout and see the beautiful day?

100_7217 100_7223

An insulator that holds the telegraph wire. The view from the other end of the lake.

100_7228 100_7230

The beautiful moon and it’s reflection.

100_7233 100_7252

Brett, Kyler and Joe out walking. Bob my partner in crime.

100_7254 100_7257

The morning view from my tent. Kyler and Mike.

100_7260 100_7355

Kyler and I waiting for Mike and our friend Chippy we shouldn’t of fed but she kept asking.

100_7292 100_7297

The opening to Devil’s Cascades.

100_7302 100_7303

100_7307 100_7324 

The bears den we found along with it’s lookout over our campsite. Ours is the further light spot in the first picture here.

100_7339 100_7340

It was a 20 foot drop and jump to this rock. I spent more time gasping then breathing I think.

100_7337  100_7366

Devil’s Cascade opening and then the following pictures are it.

100_7367 100_7369

101_2017 101_2019 

101_2069 101_2059

101_2083 101_2167

101_2191 101_2178

101_2028 101_2029


One of our portages and the trail. Now really this one is an easy portage. Most of them are just paths worn down from walking, most don’t have a path built in like this.


Hanging our food so it stays ours, not the bears or other critters.

101_2044 101_2045

Joe and Brett.

101_2047 101_2048

Me. Kyler and Joe with a northern they caught.


Mike in thought.

101_2087 101_2089

Must play. I loved the giggles and laughing the boys did.

101_2108 101_2123

 101_2134 101_2136

All of us.

101_2143 101_2124

A fire starter Mike put together for when it rained. It worked excellent!

101_2151 101_2156

More views from my tent.

So there is just a few highlights of our trip. It was awesome and I’d pack and go in a short minute if I could.

I wish you all a great week. Starting next week (I’m hoping), I will have a new blog set up. I want to put the two of my blogs together in one place. I’m going to try wordpress but not to sure about it yet, if not I’ll just redesign this one to fit better. Take care my friends and have an awesome rest of the week.