Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bunch of stuff…for a Tuesday…

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Mike was home last Friday and what better way to have fun but have Mike pull the wee ones around the yard on the sled. When Mike first got the snowmobile Hannah was afraid of it but now, if Mike is there…heck wherever Mike is….Hannah is there.

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MONSTER BOBBY!!!! This cat is a terror but also a wonderful cat. He can be loving, when he wants to be, but a terror more times that not. If someone pisses him off, and all it takes is pointing of the finger or looking at him crossway, look out. He loves to bite you on the behind while sitting on the pot, he loves to hide in a dark corner and wait for you to pass so he can grab your leg and give it a chop. My father-in-law told Jim to take a fly swatter and just tap him with it to teach him manners but Jim said Bobby would take that fly swatter out of your hand and beat the living daylights out of you. He’s one of a kind cat and puts up with the daycare kids. They try to carry him, play with him, love him and sometimes he lets them, other times he gives them a warning and they back off. A funny is when Justin knows Bobby is Monster Bobby for the day and he wants to go potty but Bobby is in the bathroom doorway and he’s afraid to go past him. “BOBBY’S GOING TO EAT ME” he’ll scream. That’s Bobby the monster kitty.

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Hannah and I made laundry soap yesterday. Really we just mix a really great combination of things together that makes the worlds best laundry soap and a super cheap price per load. It works on everything from stinky clothes to the things Jim and Mike wear out in the garage to gardening and even delicates. I have been making it now for almost 2 years and figured out a years worth of laundry soap is about $20.00. You can’t beat that price or the power of it.

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Last night before supper I must of not had enough noise for the day and really it was a quiet day cuz Justin had the flu the better part of the day so it was sorta of quiet in-between everything. Anyways, the kids played Hungry Hippo for at least a good 30 minutes. I’m glad supper didn’t take a hour to fix.

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And last but not least, here is my latest visitor at my kitchen window. He’s a yellow bellied sap sucker. I took a short video of him on the window sill if you’d like to watch it, also of a blue jay.

Winter out there today. Right now it’s 1* above zero but with the wind-chill it’s minus 15. A wee bit chilly but the sun is shinning, I can handle that.

I hope all is well with you. We are all finally feeling tip top, let’s hope it stays that way. A new month, new challenges (if you’d like you could head over to my life style change blog by clicking here and see what physical challenges are happening).

Take care my friends and have the most blessed day today. Stay safe where ever you are, I know there’s snow, wind, sleet and cold out there this week. Just be careful with whatever you have going on. God Bless you all!!


Anonymous said...

Reading your post today was a little vacation in itself! THANK YOU! :) :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. you have a GORGEOUS camera. I love the video!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I would love to meet Monster Bobby. I bet he and Bella could put on a real show together. LOL :)

Baby Sister said...

Looks like such a fun filled day!! It's 3* right now....brr!!

EmptyNester said...

Bobby cat sounds like a cat my uncle used to have years ago...that cat did the same things Bobby does but add sitting on top of the fridge to jump on your head when you walked by...good times. LOL

I want that soap recipe!

Jill said...

Great posts and pictures! Stay warm!


Anonymous said...

I love the story about the monster cat. We have one right now that sure is moody sometimes, but when she wants to be loved, watch out.

I once heard that if you love a dog, pet a dog, play with a dog, the dog thinks this human loves me, pets me, and plays with me - the human must be a god. If you do the same to a cat they think this human loves me, pets me, and plays with me - I must be a god! :-)

Speaking of loving things - Yellow Bellied Sap Suckers are one of my favorite birds to look at.

Finally, are you willing to share your detergent recipe? Also, do you have a dishwashing detergent recipe as well? We are so disappointed with commercial dishwashing detergents now that they have removed phosphorus. They really do a horrible job now.

~South Beach Steve