Friday, February 26, 2010

Truck Driving Friday..


Well it’s Friday again and time for another story…so let the story time begin.

Put yourself here…say your 24 years old, your a woman, you’re driving a truck up to a guard shack on a government installation and in the guard shack are two older gentlemen and they look at you like you’re from mars and you know they are thinking, how, why is there a woman doing a man’s job. Remember this is the early 80’s and there’s some women drivers but not tons.

So these guys are thinking, lets just see if this woman can do this right, let’s see if she can take her 80’ of truck and trailer and put it over there in a spot we just took a 40’ trailer from. Well what they guys didn’t know, I didn’t learn to drive truck on the open road, I hauled saw dust and peat for a couple of years and took them to farms and green houses that didn’t have room to turn a tractor around let alone a 80’ semi and if I can do it there I could do it anywhere.

So I did it, I took my truck pulled it out, backed up and put the trailer, blind side mind you (that means from the passenger side where blind spots are huge) just where they wanted it. Exactly in the spot they were positive I couldn’t. I got the paper work ready and headed into the guard shack and one of the guards was walking out and said…."I can’t tell you what I said when you first drove in here, but I apologize”, he shook my hand, gave me a quick hug and walked away. The other guard never did look me in the eye but said “I just couldn’t believe a woman could do that” and took care of the paperwork and sent me on my way. It happened often in my 8 years of driving but I have to tell you, it was an honor doing this job and it wasn’t a man or woman’s job, it was a job that needed doing and I wouldn’t for the life of me trade that experience for anything in the world.

I had one other experience to share. While delivering an empty tanker trailer I ended up in an ice storm. No where to pull off, no where to go but to my delivery so slow and go I went. It took me all night to go the last 50 miles or so but I made it, I got to the destination and was met by the boss guy and he just stood there with his mouth opened, shaking his head. He said he couldn’t believe I was standing there alive when he had gotten at least 10 calls that morning from his drivers either stuck, not moving or just not coming. He had a call while I was in the office and one of his drivers couldn’t make it in and he proceed to tell that driver that a lady driver was sitting here in his office, brought the trailer all night though the ice storm and every thing was perfect, how come he couldn’t at least drive his pick up to work.

This was the one load though I made a big decision in my truck driving career. There is never a load, never a trip, never a mile to go that is worth my life, our lives. There was so many things that could of gone wrong on that trip and it was by the grace of God that I made it. I really had a set of guardian angels that flew with me on the many miles.

So there you have it. The life of a woman truck driver. Now I was never really alone, I always had Jim with me. Well almost always, I did do the peat driving by myself. But anyway it was a life that really taught me a lot about people, places and gave us unbelievable adventures. Like trying to find Dowel Chemical company in the very deep south and stopping to get directions from a family sitting on their porch and they couldn’t understand us anymore then us Minnesotan trying to understand them, they thought we were trying to sell our dog. It was funny and we just looked at each other, shook hands and left.

You know something else, color, creed, race, people…it doesn’t matter. There are great people everywhere.

Now take care and have a most blessed weekend.  

Thursday, February 25, 2010

16 Girls + 1 Bicycle = Awesome

16 Girls + 1 Bicycle = Awesome

I was so amazed that I had to share this with you guys this morning. I know it has nothing to do with my blogs or anything but I have a thing for kids, if you didn't already know that.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

12 things I’m thankful for….

While out and about in the blog land I stopped by Jenna's blog and she had worked on a list of things she was thankful for. Well I decided to take that idea and “borrow” it.  Jenna is a mom in Minnesota, my home state, and I feel a little connection to her even though she doesn’t know I exist other then reading and leaving a comment or two on her blog.

So here is my list of 12 things I am thankful for.

1. I have been married for almost 30 years to my best friend and soul mate.

2. The Lord blessed me with the greatest son any mama would ever want. He makes me the proudest mama in the world.

3. I get to run my own daycare in my own home and not go outside when it’s –17* other then to feed the fire and take care of the chickens and ducks.

4. I am so blessed with some truly wonderful friends. There’s Brenda my best buddy and jewelry partner. There’s Kim my best friend and crafting inspirationist (yea, I know it’s a new word) plus my connection to the adult world. There’s Terri, my connection to the earth and beyond, the one that can teach me anything and everything I ever wanted to know about anything. There’s Sally, a true friend I have never met but will get to in a few month at my sons graduation. Just think she’s flying from New York to be here with me to celebrate Mike’s graduation. Now you gotta say that’s one super, terrific friend…don’t you think?!!! There’s Cindy, my high school best friend that has stayed with me though thick and thin. I have old co-workers, daycare parents, school friends and so many more that I can’t list them all but I am blessed beyond belief. Thank you Lord for them all, I just wouldn’t know what to do without them.

5. There’s you guys, all my followers and on-line blogie friends, the ones I look to for support and inspiration. For answers to questions I’m to lazy to either look up on my own or know that you can answer them better then what I can find out. To learn about your families, to see what makes you tick and share with you what makes me happy and sad.

6. I have both my parents, to love and to hold and cherish. They are always there for me. To help me when I’m feeling down, to tell me to get my crap together and just keep going. To ignore people when they hurt my feelings but know in my heart they didn’t mean too. To just be there, next door anytime I want to walk over for a visit, even at 5:00 in the morning or 11:00 at night. Done that to them both. Mama is the morning person and daddy the night person. I have surprised them both with a visit and more.

7. I am able to make extra money with a cleaning job once a month and making lunches for my husband’s business. Neither I have to do each week but if I need the extra cash to make it or am planning a bit of play time I can do it.

8. I have 17 boys scouts and 22 venture crew scouts that want me. They ask me personally to go to camp, to go swimming, to go bowling, to play paintball, to go skiing, tubing and it’s not even that I’m the driver because lots of time we don’t need my vehicle. The look for me and ask me if I miss something if I was okay.

9. To have Mike, my son, helping me with my weight loss adventure. To praise me because he sees a difference. To remind me that I really don’t need to eat that. To want to go and do with his mama.

10. To go camping with Jim and Mike and enjoy the time together. The closeness we feel when we are out away for the usual stuff. It is a feeling like no other.

11. To have Christian friends that help me stay true to the Lord. They show me just what it’s all about. The loving the Lord, leaning on him, trusting in him and being blessed by him.

12. To know that one day, when I die that I will get to live in heaven and also know that my family will be there, my son will be there, my friends will be there to enjoy all that the great Lord has to offer and teach us.

Oh when you get to thinking about it the list could go on and on. I am thankful for some many things, it makes you really feel good. Now it’s your turn, want to share a thankful thing or two, leave me a comment, want to “borrow” the idea, go for it and then tell me so I can see what you’re thankful for.

Thank you Jenna for giving me this idea. It really made my day to share it with you all.

Take care and have a blessed evening.

P.S. For the ones that have asked or remember my posts about Cindy. She is doing pretty well for all that she’s had to go though. For the good stuff about her, her leg healed from the super infection, her kidneys are hanging in there, she still has an ulcer but it’s healing and not giving her to many problems. For the bad stuff, she had a silent heart a week ago but is doing okay. She has to have eye surgery again because the infection that was in her leg went all over her body and settled in her left eye. They did one surgery already to get rid of the infection and now has to have another one to remove the dead tissue and old pooled blood. My husband says she has to be a cat, one with 9 lives because she just keeps on going. She has almost died 4 times. It is amazing what a body/person can go though and be alive. If I got to have a number 13, she would be it. My sister is alive and hanging in there.

Don’t forget….

To go Goroschen Goblins for her going green St. Patrick’s give aways. So far she has at least 12 giveaways listed. They are really cool and great giveaways too. There’s something there for everyone. Give it a shot.

I’m going to go and make some salt dough for the kids to create and then paint later on this week. They need something different and with it below zero again today we might as well stay in and stay warm, that is until I can’t handle it any longer and then we’ll go out for at least a little bit.

I hope that you all are having a most blessed day today. Take care everyone.

Monday, February 22, 2010

You gotta go here starting….

February 24th. Why you ask…. check this out…

Bridgette at The Groschen Goblins is hosting a huge St. Patrick's gift guide giveaway and she has 34 participants that will be having things to promote and give away. If you go and check it out and enter to win you might be the lucky winner of something grand.

I love her blog layout, it’s so neat and exciting. Take the time this evening and check to see what’s so exciting.

Now take care and have a blessed afternoon/evening.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two works in progress….

I thought I’d share the two projects I’ve been working on this week. The first is a frame that I’m planning on using with a family photo. It started out as an idea last week when we went to Grand Rapids. Really it’s nothing like what I saw other then the opening for the picture is off set but it was an idea. Here’s what it started out like and is up to this point. I still need to sand it down, polycoat it and then put a small bit of trim on around the edges and a piece of glass and a hanger but you get the idea. The colors are not exactly right in the picture but their close. I think it’s a bit more deep in the maroon and greens. See….

101_1663  101_1664


My other project is from an idea I got from Kim. She’s been making these really cool baskets for all kinds of things and while we were thrift shopping this past week I found a table runner we thought would make a cool basket. I still need to put handles on this one and then my mama wants me to make one for a waste basket for her newly remodeled bathroom so will do that but will put in a bit of support in it to help it stand up straighter. Here’s what it looks like so far.


As you can see I had to hand stitch it because my sewing machine was being a wimp I tried to just stitch the edge so it won’t ravel and my machine screamed the whole way. Then I used an ice-cream lid for the bottom. It’s nice and sturdy and with handles I think will make a good basket for the girls Barbie’s. I just used a hole punch for the ice-cream lid and used yarn to attach it.


I’ll show you both projects when completed and also mama’s trash can. Hopefully I finish them this weekend or coming week.

So that’s that for now. I need to exercise, shower and then I’m taking the boy sliding today. Really they are taking me, heck they are 15 and 18 and I’m just going for the exercise and enjoyment of watching and play with them. They still like me going so while I’m still invited I will do so.

Take care my friends and have a great weekend. God Bless you all!!

An award….Thank you!

I got this super sweet award from Dina-Maria. I am honored to receive this. It just makes my heart so happy to know that others like to come and visit as much as I like visiting them.

The rules for me accepting this award are:

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
2. List who gave the award to you and use a link to her blog (or hyperlink).
3. List 10 things that make you happy.
4. Pass the award on to other bloggers and visit their blog to let them know!

First of all, 10 things that make me happy:

1. Sunshine, warmth

2. Green grass, green leaves

3. A tan so I don’t look like a beached whale

4. Going for a drive

5. My daddy coming over for a visit

6. Taking my mama shopping

7. Camping with Jim and Mike

8. Eating icicles from the roof

9. Talking on the phone with Kim and Brenda

10. Snuggling with Jim

I don’t know who to send this one too, can’t I just give it to everyone on my followers list? I hate picking and choosing because they all are wonderful. Please visit my followers list and click on a couple and follow to their blog. I know this seems the lazy way to do this but I feel like I’m hurting feelings when I don’t add someone that I really like to visit. I’m sorry I didn’t follow the rules to the letter. You all are so important to me. You’ve taught me things I didn’t even know I didn’t know. You’re explained things that I just couldn’t figure out. You’ve supported me when I’ve needed it most. Your in love with my family like I am with yours. You make my world go around and I so appreciate you all.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Truck Driving Fridays….


Okay you asked for it so for the rest of this month and the month of March I will share a story with you. Maybe two if sorta short. There are the stories a person can’t share because of dumb things done or whatever but I’ll share the ones that will make you smile.

The weeks one will be about Bear. Bear was my dog though and though. Bear was my protector, my companion when things were going tough, my support when I needed a shoulder to cry on and someone that loved chocolate just as much as me and no, she couldn’t get her limit either.

Bear could use the side mirrors on the truck to see me hooking up the trailer. She would hop from seat to seat to watch me and the one time she couldn’t see me she jumped out of the truck and hurt her front legs so from that time on I made sure she could see me or hear me at least or just left the door open One time I was hooking up a trailer in down town Chicago and I always carried a gun, I have a carry permit, and I wasn’t paying attention and Bear watched this man come towards me and I heard all her commotion in the truck and as soon as the man saw me and my gun, Bear and her teeth…well lets say he didn’t stay around to introduce himself.

Bear went and got herself pregnant once. We didn’t know this, she just seemed to be getting fat so when we were home for a visit we took her to the vet and he said she’s going to be having puppies. PUPPIES!!!! Where in the world were we going to put puppies. She could stay home with my parents until they were weaned but we’d never been apart. Well the vet said she still had at least a month to go so we just did our usual and took her with us. Well let’s tell you, it’s a big surprise when you’re on your way to deliver a load of furniture in Queens NY and you’re lost, going the wrong way on a one way street and you hear a yip. You look back and there in your bed is your dog giving birth to 9…yes 9 huge black and white puppies. I have never in a million years see a birth as clean as her was. They say because she was a truck dog she knew how to keep things cleaned but after all was said and done she had one spot, the size of a quarter. Now she’s in our bed, with 9 puppies, we are over a month before heading home. What do you do with puppies? Well you give up your bed until you can’t handle it anymore and then you find out, the puppies like the purr of the road and sleep wonderfully on the floor on the passenger side. By time we got home these puppies were active beautiful spoiled rotten puppies. By the way, it was 7 weeks before we got home. My parents had homes for all 9 puppies by time we got home so Bear only had to stay home one trip while we were gone but it broke her and my heart to leave. She was so glad to be back protecting me when we came home. She wasn’t made to be a mother but she sure did a great job while she was one. Our best friends that we meet about 10 years later got one of Bears puppies, they named him Bailey and he was a splitting image of Bear when we meet him. So cool to see that so many years later.

So here’s a picture of Bear and her best bud Smokey and then just three of her puppies. I had to dig a long ways to find these pictures. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen these. Anyways….

Bear and puppies


Oh while I was looking I found these pictures of Hard Rock Cafe Live LA. The ones with John Candy and Dan Aykroyd. Thought you’d like to see them. I know, everyone is so small but we lived on top of the roof for the production so could see and hear it all. I just learned today the correct spelling for Dan’s last name, excuse my mistake.

Hard Rock Cafe Live LA

So there you have it. The beginning of our journey together, me remembering and sharing with you. I hope you enjoyed this bit of my past.

It’s Friday Follow so don’t forget to head over to Lynn's and sign up to meet some super cool people. I’ll be there and seeing who I can meet and greet.

Friday Follow

Take care and have a great day. God Bless you all. Thank you for letting me share a big part of me with you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Story time….

I was visiting with Casey and she had posted a question on her blog… What is your craziest adventure to date?

Well I went and told her one and she told me I should tell you too. So in case you don’t follow Casey (and you should), in case you didn’t read her post (and you better because it’s pretty darn cool) I am putting it here for you.

You see, Jim and I use to drive truck and we had some really great adventures. And when I saw the question this was my answer…

While Jim and I were driving truck we got to be at a Hard Rock Cafe Concert in LA. I got to meet Dan Ackrod and John Candy. While walking around with they never knew we were around, we were just truck drivers and just were always just part of stuff. John Candy knocked me down, stepped on me and then proceed to pick me up like I was a sack of potatoes. He brushed me off, kissed me on the check and said he was sorry. Was I okay....did I need anything..??...And me...I just stood there with my mouth opened and said nothing, nothing at all. I was in shock of glee I got to meet this great man. I do wish I could of said something or even nodded my head but he just smiled, sorta tapped me on the head and kept going. It was awesome, fun and a bit embarrassing but it was fun...I know I said that already but it was.
While driving truck Jim and I got in a lot of stuff, some good, some not to good. One day I just might have to share a story or two with you all. Like down town China Town or our dog having puppies in down town Queens, NY on a one way street with me going the wrong way on it (in our sleeper bed none the less) or being in a Chevy commercial in Las Vegas or being with Disney on Ice for 8 months. It was a cool life, hard at time, a learning experience all the time and one day I would really love to do it again. You just never know what life will bring.

So that was my answer. When she comment back to me she said I should tell more, what do you think? Want to know a bit more about truck driving life? It was a lot of work and I did drive over a million miles in 8 years so you know we didn’t have much of a home life but being with Jim day in and day out was an adventure all it’s own and you know, when we came back home to do the normal life stuff, it was amazingly hard to live in a real house and not have Jim by my side 24/7. Our house was so big after being in an 8’x8’ truck, I thought I could never fill it up. Guess I was wrong about that one but there are times, still 20 years later, that I miss Jim with me all the time (not often mind you but sometimes). Life as a truck driver, a woman one at that, was something that taught me to be me, I didn’t have to be someone else out there. If you didn’t like me it didn’t matter, I probably would never see you again in my life so I could just be the air head I am at times, the quiet little mouse in the corner or the loud month…depending on what time of the month it was :o). It taught me I can do it, even if you think I can’t, I can too. I can prove it to you too.

Okay, time to exercise and then work on my project or at least get some paper picked out before the kids get back up. Take care my friends. God Bless!!!


Hey lookie, I won…..

I’ve never won something I registered for in fact in life this is just the second thing I’ve ever won anything. I’m so excited.


Shauna picked me as one of her winners of a Chicken Soup for the Soul book. I am so happy. I love this series and in fact just finished up Mother’s and Son’s.

It was so cool winning something, now I’ll have to just enter some more contest. I am going to have a give away on my one year anniversary on May 7th. I’m not sure yet what it will be but I promise it will be something worth checking out.

So now it’s onwards and upwards. Today is my grandpa’s 95th birthday so we made him some homemade ice-cream and also some winter jam. Then Mike made him a card using his native tongue as the greeting. It’s in Swedish. I’d love to write it here because it looks so cool but it has little symbols above the letters so couldn’t really show you. Anyways, we went over to drop it off and visit. Lots of hugs and kisses too.

I think I’m going to start working on my project this afternoon. Oh I know, how many times do I say that and how many projects do I have going. Well I love to have works in progress, it means when I want to do something there’s something to choose from. There’s the chair, the end table, the quilt and this one. I’ll get them all done one day and then have another  bunch in the works. Isn’t life grand??? I sure do think so!

Take care my friends, have a great day today. God Bless!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An award for me….

Jenna from MN Small Town Mom gave me this wonderful award today. Isn’t she a sweetie!?! You’ll have to stop over at her blog and just see how great a woman she is. She has the most beautiful family and I love that she’s from my home state. How cool is it to find someone from your own state.

The rules for accepting this award:

1. Link to the person that gave you the award.
2.Pass this award on to 15 bloggers you've recently discovered & whom you think are fantastic
3.Contact said Blogs to let them know they've won
4.State 7 Things about yourself!

Here are the 15 blogs I have chosen.

1. Kim

2. Suzi

3. Jodi

4. Kristi

5. Sandy

6. Shannon

7. Tami

8. Dina-Maria

9. Terri

10. Jennifer

11. Michelle

12. Momvstheboys

13. Casey

14. Blueviolet

15. Tara

It is so very hard to just pick 15 blogs, I wish I could just pick them all but here are my most visited ones this week. Last week were others and next week will be more new ones but here is this weeks list.

7 things about myself…

1. I am Christian and believe one day I will be living with Christ in Heaven.

2. I’ve been married for just about 30 years.

3. I love my life as wife, mama, daughter, sister, best friend, daycare mama, business owner, scout mom.

4. I love my animals as much as any human being.

5. Crafting is the icing on my chocolate cake.

6. I hate winter but not the snow, just the cold.

7. I love summer almost no matter what the temp and conditions, except I’m afraid of thunder.

I have a new project I started today, but I’ll have to share it with you tomorrow. I’ve neglected a few of my friends in some normal e-mails so need to take care of them.

Take care and have a rest full night. God Bless!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our daycare day…..


Today was a great day. It was a no school day here in Aitkin so I had all my kids from my 1 year old to my 10 year old plus Mike stayed home with us too and for me it was the perfect day in my life of Riley. We let Mike sleep in this morning until 9:00 because the kids know a happy Mike makes for happy kids. Once he was up we all went outside and Mike took them for cart rides with my golf cart and their sleds tied to the back. Here, see what I mean….

101_1659 101_1624 

The we had our Valentine’s party. First was pin the arrow on the heart.

101_1641 101_1635


Then while I fixed pizza for lunch Mike played Guitar Hero with them.


Then we ended our party with their goodie Valentine bags.


It was such a great day. I know I said that already but it really was. I am a very lucky daycare mom and mama. I wouldn’t for a million trillion dollars trade this life for anything.

So that was our day. Oh I have to share one more thing. On Friday we had a 1/2 day of school because of Teacher’s Workshop and we celebrated Abby’s 8th birthday. Here’s number two of my princesses. Meet Mr.. Monkey, Mr.. Space Monkey and Mr.. Rabbit. They are a group of friends that got together from our house and my friend in New York and her daycare. Our Mr.. Monkey went to New York last year to spend the year visiting Sally and her little ones and to get to know Mr.. Rabbit and on one of her trips they met up with Mr.. Space Monkey and became a group. This past January they came here to stay for the year and to get to know each other better and to see the sights here. While at Sally’s she wrote a journal about their adventures and this year we’ll do the same thing and we’ll make each adventure into a book with pictures. The kids love it and it’s a way for them to get to know another daycare in another state.

101_1578 101_1579

Okay that was our time together during this break. Our next break I think is Easter, wonder what goodies I’ll come up for my brood then? Stay tuned.

Take care and have a blessed night.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

This morning….

This morning I get this weatherbug warning, a fog bank is coming and we’ll have limited everything until noon. Well at 7:00 this morning I didn’t see dittily squat out there and just figured someone wasn’t paying attention to something. Well at 8:30 Mike says grab your camera when you go and visit Cleo because weatherbug was right and the fog bank was huge and beautiful and it left frost on the west side of everything. Well out here I didn’t have much but figured what the heck I’ll take the camera anyways. So…………..I pick up mama, drive less then a mile up the road and my goodness, the trees, the phone lines, the mailboxes everything was covered in this thick frost. It was beautiful and the sun was shining and you could see the frost particles in the air. It was then and there I really wish I had a better camera but I still took a dozen of so pictures. I’ll share with you the best of them. My camera didn’t like all the white and sunshine but I still got quite a few good ones.  Check them out….

101_1587 101_1588_00  101_1596 101_1610 101_1594 101_1607 101_1606

Isn’t it cool. Well I’m off to work on the Venture Crews newsletter and a bit of scouting accounts. So take care, enjoy the pictures and have a most blessed afternoon.

10 Little Confessions….

I was over at Jeanette's blog getting to know her a bit and I found this post and thought, hummm, something super interesting I just might be able to use here. So today I’m going to give you 10 little confessions that I hope doesn’t shock you to much but makes you see I’m just as human as you and probably worse. So here it goes…..

1. As much as I try to do it, I don’t get my devotional in every day, sometimes every few days. I do talk to the Lord all day but sometimes not in the tone of voice I should.

2. Sometimes I let the kids watch TV for a full hour while I play on my computer, usually checking out all you wonderful people. I’m in the same room as them and they seem happy I’ve left the TV on that long but I confess I do it.

3. My New Years resolution was to sort those blasted socks and underwear each time I wash clothes, well it’s only happened a few time, resolutions I guess were made to break or just not hold true for more then a month or so.

4. Because I’m too lazy to change into my shoes when I have to run outside to put wood in the stove I will wear my slippers and then because I was to lazy to change them I have to put my shoes on in the house because my slippers are wet. DUMB!!!!

5. While exercising to the “Shred” she says we can only stop and breath for 5 seconds, well I can pause her will I catch my breath but I don’t watch the clock and I’m pretty sure it’s a bit more then 5 seconds. I’m better but not great yet at keeping up with her.

6. Wilbur, our dog, sleeps between Jim and I, under the covers like another person in bed. I end up spooning with the dog because I can’t get near Jim. At least the dog doesn’t snore or grind his teeth.

7. I treat my chickens and ducks like humans. They get talked to, fed treats and petted just about every time I go outside. The eat from my hand and I share my lunch with them.

8. I sometimes pretend I don’t have any cash so Mike will buy me a treat at the gas station. Well he’s working too and for 18 years I have bought the treats, it’s his turn now, right?

9. I hate everyone else’s driving so if I can’t drive I won’t go. Mostly because I get car sick but I can’t stand just sitting there either.

10. I’d rather be blogging, blog hopping, on my computer then doing just about anything else….like cleaning, showering, laundry, paperwork any of that other stuff that takes me away from you guys.

So there it is. Do you have 10 little confessions to share. If you do, post them and then tell me about them I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Take care and have the most blessed weekend ever. The sun is shining and it’s only –2* this morning and suppose to get up near 20*, I can handle that. It’s just about time to start walking, I can’t wait!!!!

God bless you all.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Follow…..

Hop on over to Lynn's for our Friday Follow. It is so neat to meet and greet all kinds of new people.

Friday Follow

It’s Abby’s birthday party today. I love this picture on Friday Follow, it goes perfect with out party. It’s early dismissal at school today so this afternoon when they all get here we’ll have cake and ice-cream for Abby. I found her the coolest lava lamp night light that I think she’ll love and a pretty necklace I made for her. We’ll play a couple of balloon games and then it’ll be home time.

On Monday we are having our Valentine’s party. I haven’t figured out a game or anything for that yet but will. Maybe hide the hearts and pin the arrow on the heart. I’ll share when I get it all figured out.

I am so tried of this winter. It started so early this year, I mean we’ve had a fire going since Halloween and we are just about out of this years wood so spring better come soon though I know that it’s just a wish. We’re going to have to head out into the woods and get a couple more loads of wood. Not my favorite part of winter but has to be done. It is sunny today but –15* out there. The outside chores are done so I can stay in with my little ones for a couple more hours and then it’ll be time for all of us to go out and play a little bit and put some wood on the fire. We have to decorate this morning, make a cake and wrap the presents so that will take care of our morning.

Well I’m off, Justin is starving. He wants waffles for breakfast, good thing I made a huge batch so he can have them all he wants this week. This will make 4 times.

Take care my friends and have a most blessed day. If you are where there is green grass, do me a favor and roll around in it a bit and smell it and enjoy it and then send me your thoughts, I need some good green grass thoughts. :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Valentine bags….



I had thought we’d make different valentine bags this year but what started out as a good idea didn’t exactly work out that way. The colored papers were going to be rolled into a funnel shape and then a cute little handle glued on but….the dinosaur foam stickers that Justin wanted to use, well they don’t roll so here’s what we ended up with and really, the kids love them and when the bigger kids see them I think they’ll like them too. The kids had a blast making this and it is so much watching them, teaching them.

So that was our project today. Now I’m going to go and look for a dessert that we can all have, like maybe a berry cobbler. I have raspberries and apples and blueberries, I bet I can make them into something yummy and not to fattening so I can even have a bit.

Take care my friends, have a blessed day today.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine craft….


I saw something like these somewhere but I can’t find it right now but if it’s yours idea please take the credit. I’m not. I loved the idea of sewing cards so came up with these. My favorite of course is the birds but they all turned out so cool. I am giving them to my daycare kids with a treat in them for Valentine’s. Well not the birds, I’m saving that for Jim. It was so easy. Just take a sheet of card stock, tear it in half, get your sewing machine with an older needle and go to it. My first one was the red heart with the X & O on it, then came the blue heart with red background, then onwards from there. It was fun and both Justin and Hannah got to help too so it’s a craft just about any age can help with minus the sewing part. Now I need to think of a cool valentine treat to add to it that’s not to bulky. I’m not going shopping before then so will make them something.

My daddy is coming over for a smoothie, I told him how great they are so he’s coming to try. I’m suppose to be exercising but will squeeze that in later on or maybe will just have to take a walk tonight. We’ll just see how long he stays, maybe a long time today…I can hope. I love it when my parents come over to visit. Sometimes together, sometimes apart. It’s great anyways. I so loving being so close to them, I wouldn’t trade the for anything in the world.

Take care my friends and I hope I inspired you to try your hand at something so simple. I bet you could hand sew these too. Hand sewing to me is a very naughty word. I’d rather pin something with a safety pin then hand sew it back together. Dumb, I know but it is what it is. I still do it but grumble the whole way though.

Have a blessed afternoon.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jim bought me flowers….




Jim doesn’t believe in buying cut flowers he’d rather give me a plant that I can kill but will last longer then the cut ones, hopefully. I got to use the planter/bowl mama got me and also a few years ago mama bought me the bird house planter too. Aren’t the beautiful? Such a pretty color and flower for such a drab winter.

The coming week I have planned my projects. Remember the chair…


I want to get this done so I can use it for a planter at the end of the driveway.

Another project is an end table I want to sand down and router out a center square and then added colored marbles and bar coat. First the chair.

We had a great weekend, I hope you did too. Now it’s onwards and upwards to a new week.

I’m off tomorrow so am going to take mama to see her friend Cleo and give her the picture and frame I made her.


So take care my friends, have a great night and a blessed week. God Bless!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Small project….

Because Kim is working with wood (by no means is mine good compared to hers but then again she’s really good, me…well I’m learning)  she always inspires me to try something new so yesterday I cut out this intertwined heart and then painted it with cooper paint. When it dried then I put on some red scrap paper and decoupage it. When that dried I used the cooper paint to give it something extra and one more coat of decoupage. Here’s the finally project. It took me at last 10 pictures to get this one that’s okay. It does not really show how pretty it really is. I even tried the light box but it just didn’t do it. But anyways…see….


I want to cut out the word “family” but haven’t designed that yet. I want it to be one word and then I’ll put the hearts, the word and our JJM up in my kitchen. Remember the JJM?


I think I’ll add some extra dimension to this one with paint or paper too, I really like the way the heart turned out.

Anyways, that’s next week. I have some sewing I need to do for a grandpa of one of my daycare little ones and I still need to exercise this morning. So I better just get going.

Take care my friends and have a super day today. It’s another chilly, cloudy day here but at least it’s not cold. Now just a little sunshine and I we could make some really cool snowmen.

God bless you all!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

It’s Friday Follow….

Friday Follow

Isn't’ it the greatest thing in the whole wide blogging world to get to know new people? Head over to Lynn’s and you can add your blog to the list of over 150 people (that how many were there this morning at 8:00). Follow the name or more in front of yours and become a follower and in turn someone will come and follow you. It is so awesome opening your e-mail and finding new people to meet and greet.

Have a great Friday, TGIF!!!

God Bless you my friends.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My mama….

My mama and I went shopping today. It started out the normal grocery shopping but ended up a great shopping trip. Really any time I with my mama is a great time but she treated me to a gift today that I just love. Check it out…


I love this bowl. It’s taller then a breakfast bowl but smaller round. I’m going to make it into a planter. I don’t know what I’ll plant in it yet but I’m sure I’ll come up with something pretty. Maybe a bulb of some kind, something that will bloom before spring gets here. I am so in love with birds. Over the years she’s gotten me quite a few goodies when it comes to my birds. She got me this when we finished remodeling.

101_1485  and these….

101_1486  101_1486


My aunt painted this for me….


When Mike became an Eagle Scout she got this for him…

101_1492  and this….


I love birds. Oh one more, my aunt gave this to me too….


My kitchen curtains I made have birds on them too. I just love the colors and it doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer birds are here and so fun to watch and listen to.

Well I just had to share my new thing today and share just how wonderful mama is to me.

So I’m off, kids are due soon from school and I’d like to do a quick vacuuming before they get here. Take care my friends and have a most blessed evening.