Wednesday, February 24, 2010

12 things I’m thankful for….

While out and about in the blog land I stopped by Jenna's blog and she had worked on a list of things she was thankful for. Well I decided to take that idea and “borrow” it.  Jenna is a mom in Minnesota, my home state, and I feel a little connection to her even though she doesn’t know I exist other then reading and leaving a comment or two on her blog.

So here is my list of 12 things I am thankful for.

1. I have been married for almost 30 years to my best friend and soul mate.

2. The Lord blessed me with the greatest son any mama would ever want. He makes me the proudest mama in the world.

3. I get to run my own daycare in my own home and not go outside when it’s –17* other then to feed the fire and take care of the chickens and ducks.

4. I am so blessed with some truly wonderful friends. There’s Brenda my best buddy and jewelry partner. There’s Kim my best friend and crafting inspirationist (yea, I know it’s a new word) plus my connection to the adult world. There’s Terri, my connection to the earth and beyond, the one that can teach me anything and everything I ever wanted to know about anything. There’s Sally, a true friend I have never met but will get to in a few month at my sons graduation. Just think she’s flying from New York to be here with me to celebrate Mike’s graduation. Now you gotta say that’s one super, terrific friend…don’t you think?!!! There’s Cindy, my high school best friend that has stayed with me though thick and thin. I have old co-workers, daycare parents, school friends and so many more that I can’t list them all but I am blessed beyond belief. Thank you Lord for them all, I just wouldn’t know what to do without them.

5. There’s you guys, all my followers and on-line blogie friends, the ones I look to for support and inspiration. For answers to questions I’m to lazy to either look up on my own or know that you can answer them better then what I can find out. To learn about your families, to see what makes you tick and share with you what makes me happy and sad.

6. I have both my parents, to love and to hold and cherish. They are always there for me. To help me when I’m feeling down, to tell me to get my crap together and just keep going. To ignore people when they hurt my feelings but know in my heart they didn’t mean too. To just be there, next door anytime I want to walk over for a visit, even at 5:00 in the morning or 11:00 at night. Done that to them both. Mama is the morning person and daddy the night person. I have surprised them both with a visit and more.

7. I am able to make extra money with a cleaning job once a month and making lunches for my husband’s business. Neither I have to do each week but if I need the extra cash to make it or am planning a bit of play time I can do it.

8. I have 17 boys scouts and 22 venture crew scouts that want me. They ask me personally to go to camp, to go swimming, to go bowling, to play paintball, to go skiing, tubing and it’s not even that I’m the driver because lots of time we don’t need my vehicle. The look for me and ask me if I miss something if I was okay.

9. To have Mike, my son, helping me with my weight loss adventure. To praise me because he sees a difference. To remind me that I really don’t need to eat that. To want to go and do with his mama.

10. To go camping with Jim and Mike and enjoy the time together. The closeness we feel when we are out away for the usual stuff. It is a feeling like no other.

11. To have Christian friends that help me stay true to the Lord. They show me just what it’s all about. The loving the Lord, leaning on him, trusting in him and being blessed by him.

12. To know that one day, when I die that I will get to live in heaven and also know that my family will be there, my son will be there, my friends will be there to enjoy all that the great Lord has to offer and teach us.

Oh when you get to thinking about it the list could go on and on. I am thankful for some many things, it makes you really feel good. Now it’s your turn, want to share a thankful thing or two, leave me a comment, want to “borrow” the idea, go for it and then tell me so I can see what you’re thankful for.

Thank you Jenna for giving me this idea. It really made my day to share it with you all.

Take care and have a blessed evening.

P.S. For the ones that have asked or remember my posts about Cindy. She is doing pretty well for all that she’s had to go though. For the good stuff about her, her leg healed from the super infection, her kidneys are hanging in there, she still has an ulcer but it’s healing and not giving her to many problems. For the bad stuff, she had a silent heart a week ago but is doing okay. She has to have eye surgery again because the infection that was in her leg went all over her body and settled in her left eye. They did one surgery already to get rid of the infection and now has to have another one to remove the dead tissue and old pooled blood. My husband says she has to be a cat, one with 9 lives because she just keeps on going. She has almost died 4 times. It is amazing what a body/person can go though and be alive. If I got to have a number 13, she would be it. My sister is alive and hanging in there.


Anonymous said...

Great list. 30 years of marraige? Awesome!! Just stopping by to check in

Jodi said...

Congrats on 30 years of marriage. We are together 14yrs and married 12. It is SO nice to read your refreshing list. You are definitely blessed!!! So happy for you!!

God bless you! :)