Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Follow…..

Hop on over to Lynn's for our Friday Follow. It is so neat to meet and greet all kinds of new people.

Friday Follow

It’s Abby’s birthday party today. I love this picture on Friday Follow, it goes perfect with out party. It’s early dismissal at school today so this afternoon when they all get here we’ll have cake and ice-cream for Abby. I found her the coolest lava lamp night light that I think she’ll love and a pretty necklace I made for her. We’ll play a couple of balloon games and then it’ll be home time.

On Monday we are having our Valentine’s party. I haven’t figured out a game or anything for that yet but will. Maybe hide the hearts and pin the arrow on the heart. I’ll share when I get it all figured out.

I am so tried of this winter. It started so early this year, I mean we’ve had a fire going since Halloween and we are just about out of this years wood so spring better come soon though I know that it’s just a wish. We’re going to have to head out into the woods and get a couple more loads of wood. Not my favorite part of winter but has to be done. It is sunny today but –15* out there. The outside chores are done so I can stay in with my little ones for a couple more hours and then it’ll be time for all of us to go out and play a little bit and put some wood on the fire. We have to decorate this morning, make a cake and wrap the presents so that will take care of our morning.

Well I’m off, Justin is starving. He wants waffles for breakfast, good thing I made a huge batch so he can have them all he wants this week. This will make 4 times.

Take care my friends and have a most blessed day. If you are where there is green grass, do me a favor and roll around in it a bit and smell it and enjoy it and then send me your thoughts, I need some good green grass thoughts. :)

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Mom vs. the boys said...

stay warm Julie, it's cooooold out there! Following you back on FF, Have a great weekend!