Friday, February 19, 2010

Truck Driving Fridays….


Okay you asked for it so for the rest of this month and the month of March I will share a story with you. Maybe two if sorta short. There are the stories a person can’t share because of dumb things done or whatever but I’ll share the ones that will make you smile.

The weeks one will be about Bear. Bear was my dog though and though. Bear was my protector, my companion when things were going tough, my support when I needed a shoulder to cry on and someone that loved chocolate just as much as me and no, she couldn’t get her limit either.

Bear could use the side mirrors on the truck to see me hooking up the trailer. She would hop from seat to seat to watch me and the one time she couldn’t see me she jumped out of the truck and hurt her front legs so from that time on I made sure she could see me or hear me at least or just left the door open One time I was hooking up a trailer in down town Chicago and I always carried a gun, I have a carry permit, and I wasn’t paying attention and Bear watched this man come towards me and I heard all her commotion in the truck and as soon as the man saw me and my gun, Bear and her teeth…well lets say he didn’t stay around to introduce himself.

Bear went and got herself pregnant once. We didn’t know this, she just seemed to be getting fat so when we were home for a visit we took her to the vet and he said she’s going to be having puppies. PUPPIES!!!! Where in the world were we going to put puppies. She could stay home with my parents until they were weaned but we’d never been apart. Well the vet said she still had at least a month to go so we just did our usual and took her with us. Well let’s tell you, it’s a big surprise when you’re on your way to deliver a load of furniture in Queens NY and you’re lost, going the wrong way on a one way street and you hear a yip. You look back and there in your bed is your dog giving birth to 9…yes 9 huge black and white puppies. I have never in a million years see a birth as clean as her was. They say because she was a truck dog she knew how to keep things cleaned but after all was said and done she had one spot, the size of a quarter. Now she’s in our bed, with 9 puppies, we are over a month before heading home. What do you do with puppies? Well you give up your bed until you can’t handle it anymore and then you find out, the puppies like the purr of the road and sleep wonderfully on the floor on the passenger side. By time we got home these puppies were active beautiful spoiled rotten puppies. By the way, it was 7 weeks before we got home. My parents had homes for all 9 puppies by time we got home so Bear only had to stay home one trip while we were gone but it broke her and my heart to leave. She was so glad to be back protecting me when we came home. She wasn’t made to be a mother but she sure did a great job while she was one. Our best friends that we meet about 10 years later got one of Bears puppies, they named him Bailey and he was a splitting image of Bear when we meet him. So cool to see that so many years later.

So here’s a picture of Bear and her best bud Smokey and then just three of her puppies. I had to dig a long ways to find these pictures. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen these. Anyways….

Bear and puppies


Oh while I was looking I found these pictures of Hard Rock Cafe Live LA. The ones with John Candy and Dan Aykroyd. Thought you’d like to see them. I know, everyone is so small but we lived on top of the roof for the production so could see and hear it all. I just learned today the correct spelling for Dan’s last name, excuse my mistake.

Hard Rock Cafe Live LA

So there you have it. The beginning of our journey together, me remembering and sharing with you. I hope you enjoyed this bit of my past.

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Take care and have a great day. God Bless you all. Thank you for letting me share a big part of me with you.


Jodi said...

What a great story about Bear!!! The puppies were so cute!! It did make me smile!

Kim said...

That is wicked cool! Those puppies are so cute... awesome!!