Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Story time….

I was visiting with Casey and she had posted a question on her blog… What is your craziest adventure to date?

Well I went and told her one and she told me I should tell you too. So in case you don’t follow Casey (and you should), in case you didn’t read her post (and you better because it’s pretty darn cool) I am putting it here for you.

You see, Jim and I use to drive truck and we had some really great adventures. And when I saw the question this was my answer…

While Jim and I were driving truck we got to be at a Hard Rock Cafe Concert in LA. I got to meet Dan Ackrod and John Candy. While walking around with they never knew we were around, we were just truck drivers and just were always just part of stuff. John Candy knocked me down, stepped on me and then proceed to pick me up like I was a sack of potatoes. He brushed me off, kissed me on the check and said he was sorry. Was I okay....did I need anything..??...And me...I just stood there with my mouth opened and said nothing, nothing at all. I was in shock of glee I got to meet this great man. I do wish I could of said something or even nodded my head but he just smiled, sorta tapped me on the head and kept going. It was awesome, fun and a bit embarrassing but it was fun...I know I said that already but it was.
While driving truck Jim and I got in a lot of stuff, some good, some not to good. One day I just might have to share a story or two with you all. Like down town China Town or our dog having puppies in down town Queens, NY on a one way street with me going the wrong way on it (in our sleeper bed none the less) or being in a Chevy commercial in Las Vegas or being with Disney on Ice for 8 months. It was a cool life, hard at time, a learning experience all the time and one day I would really love to do it again. You just never know what life will bring.

So that was my answer. When she comment back to me she said I should tell more, what do you think? Want to know a bit more about truck driving life? It was a lot of work and I did drive over a million miles in 8 years so you know we didn’t have much of a home life but being with Jim day in and day out was an adventure all it’s own and you know, when we came back home to do the normal life stuff, it was amazingly hard to live in a real house and not have Jim by my side 24/7. Our house was so big after being in an 8’x8’ truck, I thought I could never fill it up. Guess I was wrong about that one but there are times, still 20 years later, that I miss Jim with me all the time (not often mind you but sometimes). Life as a truck driver, a woman one at that, was something that taught me to be me, I didn’t have to be someone else out there. If you didn’t like me it didn’t matter, I probably would never see you again in my life so I could just be the air head I am at times, the quiet little mouse in the corner or the loud month…depending on what time of the month it was :o). It taught me I can do it, even if you think I can’t, I can too. I can prove it to you too.

Okay, time to exercise and then work on my project or at least get some paper picked out before the kids get back up. Take care my friends. God Bless!!!



starnes family said...

Thanks for the Shout Out. I love a good story and yours is at the top of the list!

Life all leads to where we are now. I'm glad my list is long.

Kim said...

Yes please! I'd like more - this is something that is uniquely (sp) you!

Jodi said...

What a great story! I loved John Candy! I wouldn't have minded being knocked down too. He was a comical genius. God rest his soul.

I'd love to hear trucker stories. Major kudos to you for being a trucker. Always a new town, always a new adventure. Plus, you got to be by the one you love. How cool!

Dimes2Vines said...

Julie, that is a great story - I would have done the same thing and not been able to say a word!
Comes on by, I have a surprise for you at Dimes2Vines!