Saturday, February 13, 2010

10 Little Confessions….

I was over at Jeanette's blog getting to know her a bit and I found this post and thought, hummm, something super interesting I just might be able to use here. So today I’m going to give you 10 little confessions that I hope doesn’t shock you to much but makes you see I’m just as human as you and probably worse. So here it goes…..

1. As much as I try to do it, I don’t get my devotional in every day, sometimes every few days. I do talk to the Lord all day but sometimes not in the tone of voice I should.

2. Sometimes I let the kids watch TV for a full hour while I play on my computer, usually checking out all you wonderful people. I’m in the same room as them and they seem happy I’ve left the TV on that long but I confess I do it.

3. My New Years resolution was to sort those blasted socks and underwear each time I wash clothes, well it’s only happened a few time, resolutions I guess were made to break or just not hold true for more then a month or so.

4. Because I’m too lazy to change into my shoes when I have to run outside to put wood in the stove I will wear my slippers and then because I was to lazy to change them I have to put my shoes on in the house because my slippers are wet. DUMB!!!!

5. While exercising to the “Shred” she says we can only stop and breath for 5 seconds, well I can pause her will I catch my breath but I don’t watch the clock and I’m pretty sure it’s a bit more then 5 seconds. I’m better but not great yet at keeping up with her.

6. Wilbur, our dog, sleeps between Jim and I, under the covers like another person in bed. I end up spooning with the dog because I can’t get near Jim. At least the dog doesn’t snore or grind his teeth.

7. I treat my chickens and ducks like humans. They get talked to, fed treats and petted just about every time I go outside. The eat from my hand and I share my lunch with them.

8. I sometimes pretend I don’t have any cash so Mike will buy me a treat at the gas station. Well he’s working too and for 18 years I have bought the treats, it’s his turn now, right?

9. I hate everyone else’s driving so if I can’t drive I won’t go. Mostly because I get car sick but I can’t stand just sitting there either.

10. I’d rather be blogging, blog hopping, on my computer then doing just about anything else….like cleaning, showering, laundry, paperwork any of that other stuff that takes me away from you guys.

So there it is. Do you have 10 little confessions to share. If you do, post them and then tell me about them I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Take care and have the most blessed weekend ever. The sun is shining and it’s only –2* this morning and suppose to get up near 20*, I can handle that. It’s just about time to start walking, I can’t wait!!!!

God bless you all.

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Brittney said...

LOL!! Those arent that bad!! ;) Dora is my son's babysitter sometimes too! haha