Saturday, February 6, 2010

Small project….

Because Kim is working with wood (by no means is mine good compared to hers but then again she’s really good, me…well I’m learning)  she always inspires me to try something new so yesterday I cut out this intertwined heart and then painted it with cooper paint. When it dried then I put on some red scrap paper and decoupage it. When that dried I used the cooper paint to give it something extra and one more coat of decoupage. Here’s the finally project. It took me at last 10 pictures to get this one that’s okay. It does not really show how pretty it really is. I even tried the light box but it just didn’t do it. But anyways…see….


I want to cut out the word “family” but haven’t designed that yet. I want it to be one word and then I’ll put the hearts, the word and our JJM up in my kitchen. Remember the JJM?


I think I’ll add some extra dimension to this one with paint or paper too, I really like the way the heart turned out.

Anyways, that’s next week. I have some sewing I need to do for a grandpa of one of my daycare little ones and I still need to exercise this morning. So I better just get going.

Take care my friends and have a super day today. It’s another chilly, cloudy day here but at least it’s not cold. Now just a little sunshine and I we could make some really cool snowmen.

God bless you all!!


starnes family said...

Cute ideas. I love Valentine's Day!

G-Zell said...

Wowo look at you you crafty mommas you! I how I wish I was crafty I want to be but I am not meant to be, I know I say it all the time.. I guess I can just marvel and stare LOL

Have a great weekend!