Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Valentine bags….



I had thought we’d make different valentine bags this year but what started out as a good idea didn’t exactly work out that way. The colored papers were going to be rolled into a funnel shape and then a cute little handle glued on but….the dinosaur foam stickers that Justin wanted to use, well they don’t roll so here’s what we ended up with and really, the kids love them and when the bigger kids see them I think they’ll like them too. The kids had a blast making this and it is so much watching them, teaching them.

So that was our project today. Now I’m going to go and look for a dessert that we can all have, like maybe a berry cobbler. I have raspberries and apples and blueberries, I bet I can make them into something yummy and not to fattening so I can even have a bit.

Take care my friends, have a blessed day today.

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Anonymous said...

Their smiles say it all! I think they are awesome and you had me at cobbler. Yum. Yum.