Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine craft….


I saw something like these somewhere but I can’t find it right now but if it’s yours idea please take the credit. I’m not. I loved the idea of sewing cards so came up with these. My favorite of course is the birds but they all turned out so cool. I am giving them to my daycare kids with a treat in them for Valentine’s. Well not the birds, I’m saving that for Jim. It was so easy. Just take a sheet of card stock, tear it in half, get your sewing machine with an older needle and go to it. My first one was the red heart with the X & O on it, then came the blue heart with red background, then onwards from there. It was fun and both Justin and Hannah got to help too so it’s a craft just about any age can help with minus the sewing part. Now I need to think of a cool valentine treat to add to it that’s not to bulky. I’m not going shopping before then so will make them something.

My daddy is coming over for a smoothie, I told him how great they are so he’s coming to try. I’m suppose to be exercising but will squeeze that in later on or maybe will just have to take a walk tonight. We’ll just see how long he stays, maybe a long time today…I can hope. I love it when my parents come over to visit. Sometimes together, sometimes apart. It’s great anyways. I so loving being so close to them, I wouldn’t trade the for anything in the world.

Take care my friends and I hope I inspired you to try your hand at something so simple. I bet you could hand sew these too. Hand sewing to me is a very naughty word. I’d rather pin something with a safety pin then hand sew it back together. Dumb, I know but it is what it is. I still do it but grumble the whole way though.

Have a blessed afternoon.


Kim said...

Your Valentine's look just great! I really like how they turned out. Maybe I'll let the kids have a go at that - talk to you later!

Robin said...

Oh I looove these..so pretty quick and easy too...!!Thanks..!

Anonymous said...

very cute! I've been looking for a good card idea for the boyfriend!

Anonymous said...

You have almost inspired me to make something. LOL. I'm not so much a crafty person, but I do enjoy seeing other people do it.