Saturday, February 13, 2010

This morning….

This morning I get this weatherbug warning, a fog bank is coming and we’ll have limited everything until noon. Well at 7:00 this morning I didn’t see dittily squat out there and just figured someone wasn’t paying attention to something. Well at 8:30 Mike says grab your camera when you go and visit Cleo because weatherbug was right and the fog bank was huge and beautiful and it left frost on the west side of everything. Well out here I didn’t have much but figured what the heck I’ll take the camera anyways. So…………..I pick up mama, drive less then a mile up the road and my goodness, the trees, the phone lines, the mailboxes everything was covered in this thick frost. It was beautiful and the sun was shining and you could see the frost particles in the air. It was then and there I really wish I had a better camera but I still took a dozen of so pictures. I’ll share with you the best of them. My camera didn’t like all the white and sunshine but I still got quite a few good ones.  Check them out….

101_1587 101_1588_00  101_1596 101_1610 101_1594 101_1607 101_1606

Isn’t it cool. Well I’m off to work on the Venture Crews newsletter and a bit of scouting accounts. So take care, enjoy the pictures and have a most blessed afternoon.


Brittney said...

that is very pretty :)

Dimes2Vines said...

Beautiful pictures! The snow is amazing and here in west Tx we certainly have had an unusual amount this year!

Anonymous said...

Cool pics. Thanks for sharing. Happy Valentine's Day!

Ms. Sarah said...

Great pictures. I am doing all my catch up on blogs since going away. We so needed that. Glad to see your doing good =)