Friday, August 28, 2009

Remember when I said...

I'd show you what our display looks like once set up? Well here it is. This set up was at the Heritage Days in Crosby. The back table was a bit empty until Terri from Cedar Haven Creations came with a few of her handmade soaps and lotions. If you want to check out her site one day go to . We did pretty good at this show and to see the people and chatter with them is a blast. All the hand crafted items out there are something to really enjoy. Anyways, I said I'd share so here it is.

It's the weekend and I do work tomorrow early morning until noon and then I am taking my mama, nephew and son to the cities to see the Minnesota Science Museum. They have the Titanic as their program so we'll be seeing their Omnimax movie, the art exhibits and some artifacts from the wreck. It'll be a great afternoon and then we are having dinner with my mama's sister and hubby. I get to take my new camera and take some pictures (if they are allowed in the Museum, I don't know if they let people take pictures or not but will find out).

So I wish you all a great weekend and be sure you take time to relax, reflect and say a prayer of thanks for all that we are lucky to have and be part of. God Bless!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I did it....

I cleaned and organized my sewing, crafting, laundry, playroom. Oh it was bad, I didn't realize just how bad until I took pictures and looked at the before and after.

Check it out....




I found it very hard to figure out how to organize my material so just sorted it by size and weight then went thought all the craft supplies and put like with like. I think it all turned out pretty good. The girls helped with the toys and found a few they hadn't seen in awhile so trade them out for a bit. Now the next project is the tool shelves, they seem to be holding more then just tools so better start putting stuff away and getting things together. One day at a time first.

So that was my day, I had just the girls so they got to serve me breakfast and lunch and that included making it and they loved it. I let them play pretty much with whatever they wanted, to come and go in and out, some independence and they just thrived on it. Now tomorrow we have visiting plans, grandparents, friends and maybe swimming.

That's it here. Plenty for one day. I hope all is well with you all and that you had a terrific day. Now rest well and God Bless.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not the best Sunday....

Today was not the best day in the world but it really could of been worse but it could of gone better too. Anyways, Jim and I were involved in a car accident today. I was the middle car in a three car rear-ending. The good part no one was really hurt, we all walked away and even drove our cars home but each car has a minimum damage of at least a couple grand. None of this accident was my fault (unless you ask Jim and of course he would of done it all differently), I was at a stop like the van in front of me but a young driver and friends weren't paying attention and it happened. To make the matters worse, we had gone to Menard's and picked up 2 dozen concrete blocks and each weighed 50 lbs and you know that does to a hundred dollars in groceries set right behind these blocks and then rear ended at 20 mph, the mess was incredible. My bread is so flat there is no way to even make french toast with it, the milk leaked and 3 gallons made 1, the canned foods are sorta flat on one get the idea. But we all did walk away, sorta sore but still fine so God was watching over us all.

We came home and cleaned out the suburban then laid what was left of the concrete blocks, worked more on the patio and mowed the yard. That was plenty for today, to much really so it's time to close and just go to bed.

I hope you all had a great Sunday and had a day full of blessings. Take care and good night. God Bless!!

P.S. I have pictures for you tomorrow. My craft show went pretty good and I got a couple pictures and I have pictures of the continuing patio project. I think there's something else too but right now can't even remember it but maybe will when I download the pictures tomorrow. Good Night!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last night....

Last night just before dark, there was this cool fog bank moving in so Mike and I took his camera out and took some pretty neat pictures. I just got them downloaded and thought you might like to get a look at them. Tomorrow is suppose to be the start of a beautiful weekend, I can't wait, we've had enough rain now for a bit and it's time for sunshine and warmth. So the pictures....enjoy!

Good night my friends and God Bless!

Homemade chicken nuggets...beets and ......

That's what we had for lunch today plus I made more then enough for dinner for the guys and was also able to freeze 30 of them for another meal. I was talking with Kim and she said I should tell you how to do them if you don't already know so I'll share my recipe and method and if you have one that's better, easier or just different share with me. So onward to the nuggets, I used 6 chicken breasts that I cut with a scissors to pieces about 1"x1" or so, there were a few bigger, smaller but that was about the basic size. Then I took 3 fresh eggs (really fresh I had the kids collect them for me because I was able to sell all my eggs this week) and put them in a gallon freezer bag and had my little helper squish them until all yellow. In another gallon bag (I should also tell you, that I usually reuse my gallon bags but after eggs and chicken I don't, I'm never positive they'll get clean enough to use again) we squashed cheap (really cheap) corn flakes, about 4 cups, into crumbs and added some season salt, season pepper and garlic salt I suppose about a teaspoon of each. Then you put the cut up chicken into the eggs and flip the bag over and over about 35 times and let rest for just a little bit then take them from that bag and place them into the corn flakes. Don't leave to many egg drippings on the nuggets otherwise you get sorta a paste towards the end of the bag (which if you do, it won't hurt anything it's just more sticky to work with). Unto the frying. I just use a frying pan and I filled the frying pan about 1/3-1/2 of the way full and heat it up, with oil that is (any kind, I use the really cheap stuff). Don't use high heat, it starts to smell, smoke and you have to have a fire drill right in the middle of cooking (yeah, we've done that a few times). Drop the nuggets in gently into the oil and cook for about 3 minutes on each side, remove and drain on a plate with paper towels. Let cool a tiny bit and call for lunch. They eat them like their chocolate. Here's a couple of pictures along the way of doing all of this:

Fix with fresh beets just processed:

and cubes just picked:

And there is lunch. They ate everything like it was the greatest meal in the world and are now napping with full tummies.

So I had to share. This morning is rained most of the morning so we were able to be in and get this done but we did get out for a tiny bit to ride bikes and find a frog, he was a cute little black one that Jon kept holding really tight so decided to let him go before he ended up thin. Now I'm baking some cookies and soon nap time will be over with and three of the five will go home. When that happens then Rachel and Abby will come to the recycling guy with me to recycle the boy scouts cans. Usually daddy and I do it on Saturday but with the craft shows it has to be done during the week so today's the day.

Jim, Mike and I have been working on the next part of the brick work. So far 5 rows are down, only 500 to go. Really not that many we can't recycle that many because they are cracked and broken but we'll get to the clothes line and then put the pea rock down later on. It'll be nice to have it all done. Then maybe, possibly we can get back to my 3 ton bird bath. Nope, we haven't worked on that since before our BWCA trip, sorta lost interested in it but it's waiting for our return.

Now take care, find time to rest and relax a little bit and have a super afternoon. God Bless!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Horses and badge holders....

Good evening and I hope that everyone had a great day like I did. It was a perfect day. The kids and I went to Terri's and they got to have a wish fulfilled, they have wanted to go horse back riding for ages and today Winchester did just that. He made their day and mostly Rachel's. All she could talk about the rest of the day was how she rode the pony without Win holding the reins, how she was able to turn and stop and go without the help. It was a blast watching them and seeing them smile so much. When we got home Rachel made Winchester a thank you that I have got to share with you along with some of the photo's (of course they are with my cell phone because no camera yet but I did order a replacement last night so maybe by they weekend I'll have it. More on that in a bit). Anyways pictures:

Now tonight I finished up the ankle bracelets I needed for the show this weekend and also the order for badge holders. Here's what the badge holders I made look like for a teacher in MPLS.

Here's a pictures of my display board I used at last weekend's craft show. Of course I sold a few off of there so this week replaced with a few new ones and we have about 100 bracelets, 25 earring sets and a bunch of misc things also that sit on my table. But here's what I was talking about last week~

Now it's time to see what I can get packed into the suburban for the show. I am not one for waiting until the last minute just in case something comes up and I have to rush.

There's always something happening here and I have such a great time sharing it with you all. Now have a great evening and nights rest and may God Bless you all!!!


Okay, so now the sidewalk is done, now it makes the old spot behind the garage look terrible so another project is started. At least this one we don't have to buy anything for because we're just picking up all the blocks and relaying them. Were doing just to the clothes line and then putting pea-rock near the back and then we'll redo the sandbox which use to be an underground pool we filled in and made into a sandbox. Our projects are never ending here. But, it always turns out nice, looks great and really other then its always work, it's fun to work together. So the pictures...

I hope you all have a great day. I am!!! We are off to see Terri at the farm and play with her boys. She's also got some beets for me, we love them so will get them processed and frozen so we can enjoy them this winter.

Take care and God Bless!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A donkey....

Guess what Marks has now for us to come and pet and play with while we are there enjoying the goats and sheep. It's a donkey and his name is Charlie and he's a lover. He loved having the kids pet him and talk to him and feed him but he loved me the most. Don't you love that, I'm saying he loves me the most and it sounds like a kid. Well he did, he put his head on my shoulder, snuggled in and just sighed while I petted and chatted love talk to him. He is adorable and so loving. I've heard and read that they need someone like themselves so not sure if Mark is going to get another one or what but between Mark's family, my daycare little ones and myself I know that Charlie will get lots of love and TLC. He's a sweetie, a real lover.
All my kids are napping now, for another 30 minutes or so, so I'm thinking I'll make up a couple ankle bracelets for the craft show on Saturday. I'll make up a dozen or so and hope that it's the right kind that ladies will like. Some like little and dainty, other like huge and bold and there's the ones that like the in-betweens so I'll try a bit of each.
Well that's that for now. I love the weather today, it's breezy, 76* and sunny, the perfect summer day. My windows are opened, the house smells so good and I can here my dad mowing next door (country next door that is, he's about 5 acres away so it's not loud just a hum). Take care and have a blessed afternoon.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Well today was our Deerwood Summerfest. Yesterday all the vendors and customers melted, today was a bit cooler and then it rained, really poured. Sales were not as good as usual but not terrible either. You know, it doesn't matter if think the customers will want this or that, it's never exactly right. For many shows we have made ankle bracelets and then for many shows no one has asked for them well today we had just a few and it was the thing to have. Well today I took many bracelets and made them into ankle bracelets. Lots of happy customers but oh so much work. No complaints though, since everyone walked away satisfied.
Next weekend is Heritage Days in Crosby and another attempt to make customers happy. This week I'll make up some ankle bracelets and just see what happens then. I had a school teacher ask me to make up a few badge holders for her. She's an elementary teacher in the cities and loved the one I had plus she like the idea of bookmarks that we make for reading challenges so asked me to make up a bunch for her students. I gave her that idea from another teacher from up here and she loved it so in the next week or two I'll get to that.
So that is that for today. Tomorrow is to Brainerd to purchase the last of the concrete to get the last 9' done. I can't wait, I'm getting pretty tired of mixing and smoothing and I only do a portion of it, Jim and Mike work hard too.
Take care my friends and have a blessed Sunday. God Bless to you all!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A full week....

Time flies by so fast a person just wonders where it all goes. It has been busy here getting ready for the craft show this weekend, I had my 5 daycare kids most of this week plus my nephew was here all weekend. My partner in our beading adventure broke her tibia and foot in two places so she's been and will be laid up for quit some time so that means I've been busy making jewelry for our two big shows this weekend and next. Kim came and helped me yesterday (thank you Kim) and she made some beautiful necklaces and bracelets to add to our stock. I worked until 9:00 last night and now thing we have plenty for this show and most of next (that is unless I have tons of customers and they buy it all, you won't hear me complain). I wish I could show you some of the beautiful things we made but you know my cameras condition so it'll have to wait. I did talk to Kodak and they are going to give me 25% off a new or refurbished purchase in the next 30 days so am looking to see what I can afford.

We are almost done with our new sidewalk. The last one got drove on by a semi and busted up so while Mike and I were gone Jim started working on a new one. It runs the length of the garage (well it will when done) and looks really good. I'll have my camera when it's done so will take a picture for you. It's a costly adventure though, about $75.00 for each 6' so that means a little at a time. We aren't into using credit cards any more so pay for each thing a little at a time (took us long enough to figure this out though but we did learn). The kids love the new sidewalk, it's a road to adventure each time they play on it. Sometimes it's a parking garage, sometimes part of a treasure map, other times a place to see just how fast they can go around a corner.

This morning is a busy one, I have my usual little ones at 5:00 and then the last two came at 5:45 because their mama gets to run away for a few days and go to a NASCAR race in Michigan. They'll get extra time with daddy and be here a bit more then usual but they are my first daycare kids 9 years ago and such a big part of my family I sure don't mind.

School starts in just a few short weeks and this is Mike's final year. I can't believe he'll be a senior already. I had to order him some jeans on-line from Cabala's because he's so thin and tall that I just can't go to Fleet and get them. I was lucky though, two pairs were on sale so that helped pay for the two that weren't. He's taking September 3-5 off so we can have our end of summer party, go school shopping and just maybe, hopefully, we can go family camping for a few days. To us it doesn't matter if it's a holiday or not because we know places no one else knows so we can go and enjoy some quiet without to many people.

While at scouts on Monday evening we found a salamander in the dirt while doing our community project. Of course the boys bring it right to me to share and of course I said I want to bring it home for my daycare kids and of course that meant holding it until Mike got a bottle to put it in for travel. Well, I did that stupid girl scream when they first put it in my hands, dropped the poor thing and my scout picked it up and handed it to me again. They just laugh and know that it's me but I'm not to much of a scary cat just to things that might feel yucky. He didn't feel yucky at all, just wiggle. He got to meet the DC kids for two days, get fed some flies and things and last night we let him go in the garden. I can't stand to see things that are suppose to be free bottled up, even if he was in a huge pickle jar with lots of dirt, grass, rocks and food.

Well I hate that this is just a texted message to you with no really pictures to add but I'm going to add one or two from our trip so at least there's something pretty to look at for all your reading. I'll keep you posted on how our craft show went, what's new and what's coming up. I hope all is well with you all. Take care and God Bless!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Good morning...

It's Saturday morning, 7:33 and it looks like another rainy day. It is 61* already so just maybe it'll warm up and the tomatoes can start ripening. We've had a few tomatoes so far but there are hundreds out there to be picked so hopefully soon. I didn't get to pick beans yesterday either because of the rain off and on all day. I'm afraid to hurt the plants when it's that wet plus the rust that they get when wet. Maybe this afternoon/evening.

This morning we are heading to town to pick up the cans from the scout trailer and do some garage saling then to another town to recycle them and garage sale there. I am on the look out for some good deals and just maybe will find something.

It was my sisters birthday while we were in the BWCA and I have yet to give her a gift. I am going to mat and frame the picture I took of her and I at our family get together and also the one of our three boys. We don't get new pictures very often that turn out so wanted to be sure she got these. I also got her bubble bath. This woman takes a minimum of a couple baths a day, she needs it to stay warm and it relaxes her. She's got issues and a bath seems to make things much better so whatever makes her happy, makes her family happy. Here's the two pictures I'm going to do for her.

We have an upcoming craft show, my partner and I, and with a big bunch of our stock at the Remer Craft Coop we've been working on getting our stock at home built up. Thursday evening I worked for 5 hours after my 15 hours day of daycare and got 12 bracelets made along with 2 necklaces, an eye glass holder, a badge holder and 6 cell phone charms. Mike helped me for a bit and made up 4 bracelets and a couple pairs of earrings so that helped a lot. This weekend I'm going to work on it some more and then Monday and Wednesday Brenda is suppose to come and we'll work together. She's been living in the garage while they get their house built she had the beads for a bit and got to working too so slowly but surely our stock will be up there for Deerwood Summerfest and Crosby's Heritage Days. They are back to back so need to be ready for both before they come. I would so love to share what we've been making but with my broken camera I can't take close ups or even change the settings so I'll just have to tell you, their beautiful. Our shows are outside and you know what sunshine can do to crystals, they sparkle and people see that from a ways off and I think that's what sells a lot of our stuff plus the fact we keep it all about $10.00 a bracelet so just about anyone can afford it. We even have a bargain basket where there are $5.00 bracelets, these are ones that we've had for a year or so and have been looked at but not bought so instead of taking them apart right away we 1/2 price them and see if they'll go. 90% of the time there's nothing left at the end of our show so it works, we get our money out of them and we can go and buy more beads and keep going.

Well I could keep chatting and chatting but need to get Scott up and fed (he's my nephew, the youngest one in the picture). He's here to play for the weekend and also mow, if it quits raining. Him and Mike have a blast plus they help where's needed and more hands helping the faster things get done the fast it's back to playing. I love it when he comes because Mike can be a kid and play where lots of time he's all work and no play and he needs to just be a kid at times. It is just amazing how fast time flies, he's 17 and will graduate June 4th next summer and I still remember the first day of school and him just not wanting to go but thanks to Lucy Draper he made it and found a substitute for mama at school. She was and still is the greatest teachers assistant and I get to see her a few times each school year because she's still there working with my daycare kids and I go in as often as I can to bring the kids to school, pick them up or bring in an animal one of them want to share.

Take care my friends, have a blessed weekend and remember to find time for just you and the Lord, he's there waiting for a good morning and an I love you because he sure does love us all. God Bless!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Thursday already....

How in the world does time fly by so fast? It is amazing that this time last week I was in the BWCA and now back to work. I miss it up there and would go back in seconds if possible.

I worked in my garden yesterday and it is amazing how huge my tomatoes plants have gotten. I did goof this year and let those viney plants go without training them the right way so this fall it'll be sorta hard picking those squash and pumpkins mixed in with the tomatoes, corn and peppers but everything seems to be just fine. I got a 5 gallon bucket of beans yesterday and one of my daycare mom's (thank you Naomi) helped me snap them. I got them blanched and frozen now so will do it again tomorrow. I took a picture of Abby with the garden in the background so you can see just how well it's all doing, thanks to chicken poop and some work. Of course it's not the greatest picture because I had to use my cell phone since my real camera was in the house plus it's still broken. Ignore the weeds and see the plants.

Today we went to see the goats and visit with great grandma and grandpa. Grandma is doing excellent at 92 years old. She's out in that garden just about every day plus keeping grandpa moving who fights her just about every step of the way. He's 94 and sorta stubborn but gandma is too. We also went to play with my cousins kids and I got to talk with Laura a bit. We always have a great visit and the kids love to play. Sometimes I wish I'd just get up there more often because we do have fun. All the kids are napping today, I need a bit of a break so even have Rachel and Abby resting. In a bit will let them up to make some brownies for snack. Tomorrow Jon and I are making our homemade laundry soap. That stuff really works and with Naomi buying the supplies and Jon and I making it, it works out really good for us all.

Well that's that for now folks. I hope this finds you all happy, healthy and knowing that our great Lord is watching over you. God Bless!!

Monday, August 3, 2009


It is impossible for me to figure out how to share over 200 pictures of the worlds most wonderful vacation with you. Our BWCA trip was the best. The weather did not cooperate most of the time but being in the most beautiful spot in the world, weather is just a minor problem. We went a total of 45 miles with 2 miles or so of portaging. I had time to sit and relax and ponder what comes next in life when Mike graduates this next year. I had time to hike, fish and play with Mike and enjoy him and his antics. I had time to get to know 4 other teens whom one that is heading to college in a short 20 days, one that says her ducks aren't in a row yet and just not sure what her future will go. She turned 18 while we were on our trip so we treated her to a necklace and pair of earrings I made just for her in colors her parents said were her favorite. Both were eye openers for Mike because people, teachers, family, friends are always asking that "what are you going to do when you graduate." He really isn't positive yet. He has picked a college he's interested in and classes to study but then there's the family business he wants to be a big part of, his choices are not easy ones but he got to see that it can take time and he's young and he doesn't have to know it all now or even in the near future. The sites, sounds, feelings are so perfect in the BWCA that it gives such a feeling of peace.

I am going to see what I can add here without over doing it. Just look and enjoy and I am sure I'll have to add a few more as the week goes on. I uploaded my photos today to snapfish to be printed, all 170 of them. That's just from my camera (which got broke so not sure what I'm going to be doing for a bit. Kim said I could borrow hers but I hate doing that, what if I screw up and break hers?) there's still two other people with pictures too and totally different ones then I took, I can't wait to see them too.

There are so many to choose from. This is all for tonight. I'll share a few more tomorrow.

Take care and God Bless. Thank you for letting me share such a special vacation and such a terrific young man. Love to you all!!!