Saturday, August 15, 2009


Well today was our Deerwood Summerfest. Yesterday all the vendors and customers melted, today was a bit cooler and then it rained, really poured. Sales were not as good as usual but not terrible either. You know, it doesn't matter if think the customers will want this or that, it's never exactly right. For many shows we have made ankle bracelets and then for many shows no one has asked for them well today we had just a few and it was the thing to have. Well today I took many bracelets and made them into ankle bracelets. Lots of happy customers but oh so much work. No complaints though, since everyone walked away satisfied.
Next weekend is Heritage Days in Crosby and another attempt to make customers happy. This week I'll make up some ankle bracelets and just see what happens then. I had a school teacher ask me to make up a few badge holders for her. She's an elementary teacher in the cities and loved the one I had plus she like the idea of bookmarks that we make for reading challenges so asked me to make up a bunch for her students. I gave her that idea from another teacher from up here and she loved it so in the next week or two I'll get to that.
So that is that for today. Tomorrow is to Brainerd to purchase the last of the concrete to get the last 9' done. I can't wait, I'm getting pretty tired of mixing and smoothing and I only do a portion of it, Jim and Mike work hard too.
Take care my friends and have a blessed Sunday. God Bless to you all!!

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