Thursday, August 20, 2009

Homemade chicken nuggets...beets and ......

That's what we had for lunch today plus I made more then enough for dinner for the guys and was also able to freeze 30 of them for another meal. I was talking with Kim and she said I should tell you how to do them if you don't already know so I'll share my recipe and method and if you have one that's better, easier or just different share with me. So onward to the nuggets, I used 6 chicken breasts that I cut with a scissors to pieces about 1"x1" or so, there were a few bigger, smaller but that was about the basic size. Then I took 3 fresh eggs (really fresh I had the kids collect them for me because I was able to sell all my eggs this week) and put them in a gallon freezer bag and had my little helper squish them until all yellow. In another gallon bag (I should also tell you, that I usually reuse my gallon bags but after eggs and chicken I don't, I'm never positive they'll get clean enough to use again) we squashed cheap (really cheap) corn flakes, about 4 cups, into crumbs and added some season salt, season pepper and garlic salt I suppose about a teaspoon of each. Then you put the cut up chicken into the eggs and flip the bag over and over about 35 times and let rest for just a little bit then take them from that bag and place them into the corn flakes. Don't leave to many egg drippings on the nuggets otherwise you get sorta a paste towards the end of the bag (which if you do, it won't hurt anything it's just more sticky to work with). Unto the frying. I just use a frying pan and I filled the frying pan about 1/3-1/2 of the way full and heat it up, with oil that is (any kind, I use the really cheap stuff). Don't use high heat, it starts to smell, smoke and you have to have a fire drill right in the middle of cooking (yeah, we've done that a few times). Drop the nuggets in gently into the oil and cook for about 3 minutes on each side, remove and drain on a plate with paper towels. Let cool a tiny bit and call for lunch. They eat them like their chocolate. Here's a couple of pictures along the way of doing all of this:

Fix with fresh beets just processed:

and cubes just picked:

And there is lunch. They ate everything like it was the greatest meal in the world and are now napping with full tummies.

So I had to share. This morning is rained most of the morning so we were able to be in and get this done but we did get out for a tiny bit to ride bikes and find a frog, he was a cute little black one that Jon kept holding really tight so decided to let him go before he ended up thin. Now I'm baking some cookies and soon nap time will be over with and three of the five will go home. When that happens then Rachel and Abby will come to the recycling guy with me to recycle the boy scouts cans. Usually daddy and I do it on Saturday but with the craft shows it has to be done during the week so today's the day.

Jim, Mike and I have been working on the next part of the brick work. So far 5 rows are down, only 500 to go. Really not that many we can't recycle that many because they are cracked and broken but we'll get to the clothes line and then put the pea rock down later on. It'll be nice to have it all done. Then maybe, possibly we can get back to my 3 ton bird bath. Nope, we haven't worked on that since before our BWCA trip, sorta lost interested in it but it's waiting for our return.

Now take care, find time to rest and relax a little bit and have a super afternoon. God Bless!!!

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rajdog1 said...

love the recipie..always wanted to make homemade nuggets, simple and easy. Thanks for the info!! Gonna try it soon! :) Oh, and your kids are so very lucky to have you for their daycare!