Thursday, August 13, 2009

A full week....

Time flies by so fast a person just wonders where it all goes. It has been busy here getting ready for the craft show this weekend, I had my 5 daycare kids most of this week plus my nephew was here all weekend. My partner in our beading adventure broke her tibia and foot in two places so she's been and will be laid up for quit some time so that means I've been busy making jewelry for our two big shows this weekend and next. Kim came and helped me yesterday (thank you Kim) and she made some beautiful necklaces and bracelets to add to our stock. I worked until 9:00 last night and now thing we have plenty for this show and most of next (that is unless I have tons of customers and they buy it all, you won't hear me complain). I wish I could show you some of the beautiful things we made but you know my cameras condition so it'll have to wait. I did talk to Kodak and they are going to give me 25% off a new or refurbished purchase in the next 30 days so am looking to see what I can afford.

We are almost done with our new sidewalk. The last one got drove on by a semi and busted up so while Mike and I were gone Jim started working on a new one. It runs the length of the garage (well it will when done) and looks really good. I'll have my camera when it's done so will take a picture for you. It's a costly adventure though, about $75.00 for each 6' so that means a little at a time. We aren't into using credit cards any more so pay for each thing a little at a time (took us long enough to figure this out though but we did learn). The kids love the new sidewalk, it's a road to adventure each time they play on it. Sometimes it's a parking garage, sometimes part of a treasure map, other times a place to see just how fast they can go around a corner.

This morning is a busy one, I have my usual little ones at 5:00 and then the last two came at 5:45 because their mama gets to run away for a few days and go to a NASCAR race in Michigan. They'll get extra time with daddy and be here a bit more then usual but they are my first daycare kids 9 years ago and such a big part of my family I sure don't mind.

School starts in just a few short weeks and this is Mike's final year. I can't believe he'll be a senior already. I had to order him some jeans on-line from Cabala's because he's so thin and tall that I just can't go to Fleet and get them. I was lucky though, two pairs were on sale so that helped pay for the two that weren't. He's taking September 3-5 off so we can have our end of summer party, go school shopping and just maybe, hopefully, we can go family camping for a few days. To us it doesn't matter if it's a holiday or not because we know places no one else knows so we can go and enjoy some quiet without to many people.

While at scouts on Monday evening we found a salamander in the dirt while doing our community project. Of course the boys bring it right to me to share and of course I said I want to bring it home for my daycare kids and of course that meant holding it until Mike got a bottle to put it in for travel. Well, I did that stupid girl scream when they first put it in my hands, dropped the poor thing and my scout picked it up and handed it to me again. They just laugh and know that it's me but I'm not to much of a scary cat just to things that might feel yucky. He didn't feel yucky at all, just wiggle. He got to meet the DC kids for two days, get fed some flies and things and last night we let him go in the garden. I can't stand to see things that are suppose to be free bottled up, even if he was in a huge pickle jar with lots of dirt, grass, rocks and food.

Well I hate that this is just a texted message to you with no really pictures to add but I'm going to add one or two from our trip so at least there's something pretty to look at for all your reading. I'll keep you posted on how our craft show went, what's new and what's coming up. I hope all is well with you all. Take care and God Bless!!