Monday, August 17, 2009

A donkey....

Guess what Marks has now for us to come and pet and play with while we are there enjoying the goats and sheep. It's a donkey and his name is Charlie and he's a lover. He loved having the kids pet him and talk to him and feed him but he loved me the most. Don't you love that, I'm saying he loves me the most and it sounds like a kid. Well he did, he put his head on my shoulder, snuggled in and just sighed while I petted and chatted love talk to him. He is adorable and so loving. I've heard and read that they need someone like themselves so not sure if Mark is going to get another one or what but between Mark's family, my daycare little ones and myself I know that Charlie will get lots of love and TLC. He's a sweetie, a real lover.
All my kids are napping now, for another 30 minutes or so, so I'm thinking I'll make up a couple ankle bracelets for the craft show on Saturday. I'll make up a dozen or so and hope that it's the right kind that ladies will like. Some like little and dainty, other like huge and bold and there's the ones that like the in-betweens so I'll try a bit of each.
Well that's that for now. I love the weather today, it's breezy, 76* and sunny, the perfect summer day. My windows are opened, the house smells so good and I can here my dad mowing next door (country next door that is, he's about 5 acres away so it's not loud just a hum). Take care and have a blessed afternoon.

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rajdog1 said...

I will have to be sure and bring the kids out soon, there is a donkey down the road from here and Hayden loves it. But we only see it in the pasture when we go by. So he would love to be able to pet one. Let me know the next time you have plans to go again and I'll see if I can make it out there. :)