Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Thursday already....

How in the world does time fly by so fast? It is amazing that this time last week I was in the BWCA and now back to work. I miss it up there and would go back in seconds if possible.

I worked in my garden yesterday and it is amazing how huge my tomatoes plants have gotten. I did goof this year and let those viney plants go without training them the right way so this fall it'll be sorta hard picking those squash and pumpkins mixed in with the tomatoes, corn and peppers but everything seems to be just fine. I got a 5 gallon bucket of beans yesterday and one of my daycare mom's (thank you Naomi) helped me snap them. I got them blanched and frozen now so will do it again tomorrow. I took a picture of Abby with the garden in the background so you can see just how well it's all doing, thanks to chicken poop and some work. Of course it's not the greatest picture because I had to use my cell phone since my real camera was in the house plus it's still broken. Ignore the weeds and see the plants.

Today we went to see the goats and visit with great grandma and grandpa. Grandma is doing excellent at 92 years old. She's out in that garden just about every day plus keeping grandpa moving who fights her just about every step of the way. He's 94 and sorta stubborn but gandma is too. We also went to play with my cousins kids and I got to talk with Laura a bit. We always have a great visit and the kids love to play. Sometimes I wish I'd just get up there more often because we do have fun. All the kids are napping today, I need a bit of a break so even have Rachel and Abby resting. In a bit will let them up to make some brownies for snack. Tomorrow Jon and I are making our homemade laundry soap. That stuff really works and with Naomi buying the supplies and Jon and I making it, it works out really good for us all.

Well that's that for now folks. I hope this finds you all happy, healthy and knowing that our great Lord is watching over you. God Bless!!

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Kim said...

You just have to rub it in with the tomatoes don't you! ha ha! We're glad to have you back!!!