Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Horses and badge holders....

Good evening and I hope that everyone had a great day like I did. It was a perfect day. The kids and I went to Terri's and they got to have a wish fulfilled, they have wanted to go horse back riding for ages and today Winchester did just that. He made their day and mostly Rachel's. All she could talk about the rest of the day was how she rode the pony without Win holding the reins, how she was able to turn and stop and go without the help. It was a blast watching them and seeing them smile so much. When we got home Rachel made Winchester a thank you that I have got to share with you along with some of the photo's (of course they are with my cell phone because no camera yet but I did order a replacement last night so maybe by they weekend I'll have it. More on that in a bit). Anyways pictures:

Now tonight I finished up the ankle bracelets I needed for the show this weekend and also the order for badge holders. Here's what the badge holders I made look like for a teacher in MPLS.

Here's a pictures of my display board I used at last weekend's craft show. Of course I sold a few off of there so this week replaced with a few new ones and we have about 100 bracelets, 25 earring sets and a bunch of misc things also that sit on my table. But here's what I was talking about last week~

Now it's time to see what I can get packed into the suburban for the show. I am not one for waiting until the last minute just in case something comes up and I have to rush.

There's always something happening here and I have such a great time sharing it with you all. Now have a great evening and nights rest and may God Bless you all!!!

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Kim said...

Love the sidewalk project - wish we could get things done around here like you guys do! Sure wish I coulda rode ponies too - that sounds like a great time - did you ride one?