Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not the best Sunday....

Today was not the best day in the world but it really could of been worse but it could of gone better too. Anyways, Jim and I were involved in a car accident today. I was the middle car in a three car rear-ending. The good part no one was really hurt, we all walked away and even drove our cars home but each car has a minimum damage of at least a couple grand. None of this accident was my fault (unless you ask Jim and of course he would of done it all differently), I was at a stop like the van in front of me but a young driver and friends weren't paying attention and it happened. To make the matters worse, we had gone to Menard's and picked up 2 dozen concrete blocks and each weighed 50 lbs and you know that does to a hundred dollars in groceries set right behind these blocks and then rear ended at 20 mph, the mess was incredible. My bread is so flat there is no way to even make french toast with it, the milk leaked and 3 gallons made 1, the canned foods are sorta flat on one get the idea. But we all did walk away, sorta sore but still fine so God was watching over us all.

We came home and cleaned out the suburban then laid what was left of the concrete blocks, worked more on the patio and mowed the yard. That was plenty for today, to much really so it's time to close and just go to bed.

I hope you all had a great Sunday and had a day full of blessings. Take care and good night. God Bless!!

P.S. I have pictures for you tomorrow. My craft show went pretty good and I got a couple pictures and I have pictures of the continuing patio project. I think there's something else too but right now can't even remember it but maybe will when I download the pictures tomorrow. Good Night!!

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Kim said...

Talk to your insurance guy! That kid's insurance should pay for your damages - WHAT A BUMMER!!! My hubbie was rearended years ago and the other insurance payed right away. Good luck - I am sooooo glad nobody was hurt! I don't see how you could have gotten out of the way . . . maybe fly the car like Harry Potter?!?