Friday, August 28, 2009

Remember when I said...

I'd show you what our display looks like once set up? Well here it is. This set up was at the Heritage Days in Crosby. The back table was a bit empty until Terri from Cedar Haven Creations came with a few of her handmade soaps and lotions. If you want to check out her site one day go to . We did pretty good at this show and to see the people and chatter with them is a blast. All the hand crafted items out there are something to really enjoy. Anyways, I said I'd share so here it is.

It's the weekend and I do work tomorrow early morning until noon and then I am taking my mama, nephew and son to the cities to see the Minnesota Science Museum. They have the Titanic as their program so we'll be seeing their Omnimax movie, the art exhibits and some artifacts from the wreck. It'll be a great afternoon and then we are having dinner with my mama's sister and hubby. I get to take my new camera and take some pictures (if they are allowed in the Museum, I don't know if they let people take pictures or not but will find out).

So I wish you all a great weekend and be sure you take time to relax, reflect and say a prayer of thanks for all that we are lucky to have and be part of. God Bless!!!


rajdog1 said...

Best wishes for a wonderful day! Enjoy the Museum and family! Love you girlfriend!

Kim said...

Your display looks beautiful!