Monday, July 5, 2010

How was your 4th?

Ours was amazing. We had our 13th annual family/friend reunion and had a turn out of 23 people. Sometimes there’s more, other times less but this year was just the perfect amount of people to be able to visit with everyone, play some games, eat some wonderful food and enjoy each other. I took some neat pictures of the kids playing games and really good pictures of people that I’ve never met but mama and daddy have been friends for way over 50 years. I also got a great picture of Cindy and I. Then in the late evening Mike got to shoot off his graduation fireworks which ended our day perfectly.

Life is now onward and upwards to the next thing. For now it’ll be somewhat normal with daycare, scouts, gardening and all. I’m ready for the normal. Enough big events this year to last awhile though I sure do love seeing all these people I don’t normal get to see.

Here are a few pictures of our day yesterday.


Mike always does the Flag Ceremony and wears his Boy Scout Uniform. His last year to wear it for this. Wish we had thought about the sash, oh well.



Scott has grown up so much this past year. Those two boys together are a riot. They went swimming in the lake this weekend. Our lake isn’t a swimming lake, at least not one you walk out from shore on. You have to take a boat out to the middle and swim and you could hear there laughing all over. It really was great!!


Here’s Cindy and I. For all your that know Cindy, she is doing pretty good. She still has some issues with her right eye but it’s healing. Her body is working hard at healing too.


Ever try picking up tooth picks with an oven mitt? The boys loved this one and Mike won with picking them up in 20 seconds.


Try stacking cups in the wind. That was a challenge.

100_2755 100_2757 

How about catching water balloons with a pillow case. I didn’t manage to get to wet but my partner did and so did Scott.

100_2769 100_2788 

Here’s just two of Mike’s many fireworks. We got to ohh and ahh our way into the night.


And this, is all the smoke left over from the fireworks. It looked so cool in the dark to see that.

So there you have our 4th of July. I sure do hope everything was as grand for you also. I hope everyone is now safe and sound at home ready to head on to the next adventure. What will that be? Hummm….camping I’m hoping. How about you?

Take care my friends, God Bless you all!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! July 4th looks like a major celebration! Cute!

Cindy and you look gorgeous there- you can frame that one! I love good sister pictures!

Mike looks perfect with the scout uniform and flag!

You made the fireworks look beautiful in the pictures!

"Wow!" is something I am saying repeatedly. Really nice.

Hope you get to camp and later, unwind well!

Flying high in the sky.... said...

Oh GOD ...i saw Cincy :) everyday when i pray for her good health i have your picture in my mind.... but now on i can throw my positive energies directly in her direction! also, what a luck to have such a great family reunions! wow...just makes me feel so nostalgic about my family....i am soo soo soooooooooo happy for you...god bless..

Kim said...

What a great day huh! It didn't look like you relaxed much though... and now you get to! You're pictures are just lovely!