Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What do you do with your bags?

Now to teach your something or at least give you a great idea…

What do you do with all your Wal-mart bags, grocery bags? I use them for many things but they take up space. I use to have a bag holder but I seem to like to over stuff it so I came up with this idea. They are the wipe containers and I just cut off the part that helps you tear off just one wipe and stuffed the bags in these.


How many bags can you stuff in each container?


At least 35. Now you’ll always have one when you need one and also a much neater idea. You can decorate them if you want too. I know Kim would.

So there’s my idea….like it?

Take care my friends, have a great day. God Bless!!!


Angela said...

that idea is amazing! We "shove them in a bag" which means they end up all over the floor of the closet! I am totally stealing this idea. Too bad I just recycled an empty tub thisweekend...guess I better get to cleaning so I can have another empty! Thanks for sharing your smart idea!

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Baby Sister said...

Huh. That's a good idea! I just put mine under my counter.... :)

Flying high in the sky.... said...

wow......cool idea!

A girl needs 2 Talk said...

Cleanliness! Way to go!! :)

We've been stuffing them in the bag too. The switch needs to happen.

Teresa @ ♥ TOO MANY HEARTBEATS ♥ said...

That is such an amazing idea! I have a whole cabinet full of those bags and really need a better, more compact place to store them. Thanks for the tip!

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