Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The first day of summer…and…


In mid-northern Minnesota that is. Not the warmest weather we’ve ever had but sure is saving on the electric bill with no air conditioning.

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The flowers aren’t minding the cooler weather but my garden isn’t doing the greatest. The pine trees are loving it though, look at all that new growth.

We have been busy as a family, daycare, scouts and more. I don’t get pictures for everything we do but I have some. Like these…

Photo-0123 Photo-0124

0619111623a 0619111633a

0619111715a 0619111824a

We finally got to go fishing. Really I got to go fishing, both my guys don’t fish but they took me. I caught one bass so not a great catch but two hours out on the water, it was amazing.

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100_6752 100_6756

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100_6746 100_6748

As you can see we’ve been doing all kinds of good things in daycare. The kids pictures we turned into buttons for the daddy’s for Father’s day. I had a picture of the buttons but lost it some where's.

On Saturday Mike and I took CPR and First Aid with our Venture crew. We do it every two years for daycare and scouts.

0618111519a 0618111513a


And one final goody. Mike built a cannon. Just a table top on but it turned out so cool and awesome and his welding skills sure show themselves here. Check this video out. Sorry for the sunline on it but at least we had sun for a bit.

So there you have it. What’s happening here at the Life of Riley’s. I wish you all a blessed rest of this week. Take care my friends.


Baby Sister said...

Looks like so much fun!! You lead a very full life that is amazing. :)

The Blog Writer said...

The photos with the kids are very well done! They're all worthy of framing. :)

Your time out on the water looks so refreshing! I'm glad you had that.

Mike's cannon scared me when it exploded! How does he do it? The video should go with his resume! :D

Good to know you're doing good, Julie!