Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So it’s time for help…any kind…

Words, prayers, thoughts, ideas….anything cuz you see right now our life is in a turmoil in a couple different directions and even though I know the Lord has plans I am sure he’s not wanting me to just sit on my butt and do nothing about it so I’m going to type it out here and just see what happens.

There are two things happening in our lives right now that need advisement on. First Mike hates working for his grandfather and dad. Working in a family business is hard for all. It’s not just the younger one being younger and not having everything it takes to be the best employee. It’s not just the older one expecting that because the son can do it the grandson can too. And it’s not the middle man, the father/son trying to keep peace and teach his son the steps needed to learn a business and trying to keep a father that’s getting older, forgetful and angry that everyone has to start some where’s. It’s hard from them all and since the youngest is my son and seeing him in such turmoil it’s just hard not trying to make it all better. I however do not get involved with the family business. I am not part of that, haven’t been asked to be and don’t care to be right now. 3 generations and all male…no thank you. I don’t understand why the grandfather can’t be happy one of his grandchildren want to be near him, work for him. I can’t understand the father not sticking up for his son when he sees the verbal abuse the grandson gets. I can’t understand the grandson just not keeping his mouth shut and trying to learn. I can only look at this as an outsider really. I’m the wife, mama, daughter-in-law but I can’t fix this and I can’t make them all happy. It’s hard to see the discontentment. Mike has decided to quit and find something else but you and I know there isn’t much out there to be had plus it’s going to hurt his dad’s feelings because I know in the long run Jim wanted Mike to be his partner in the business when Cecil is gone. IT’S HARD for everyone but it hurts the mama to see all this anguish every day.


I think I have come at a cross roads in my business too. I LOVE DAYCARE!!!! I LOVE IT!!! But I can’t handle the drama of not knowing if I can make it anymore. I can’t imagine being without my kids but the families I have are having issues and are not coming or supporting me like they should if they want me to stay here. Now I understand your own family comes first. I know that and when someone’s not working you keep your kid/kids home. I know that everyone needs time off to do those things that make you happy. I UNDERSTAND these things. But when you know that the person that takes care of your kids makes a living by taking care of your kids then where’s the respect? How am I to make a living (cuz I live one paycheck to the next, the same as them)? It’s hard, I don’t want to quit this, I’ve been taking care of the same kids since they were born. They are part of me too. But what am I to do? Is it time to look for something else and say good bye? Or do I hold my breath and hope that things work out. I’ve been doing that for a very long time. Do I want to call the school and bus garage and apply? Are they hiring with all the other unemployed people? Do I fill out the applications but know in my heart that if I could just get a family that would be here all the time without the drama, the worries of quitting that I’d not take the job? I WANT TO KEEP MY KIDS, I WANT TO KEEP MY DAYCARE!!! I just can’t do it moneywise.

So there, it’s out there and I need advice. It’s not as easy as just quitting and moving on. It’s not as easy as staying put and hoping things work out. I just don’t know.

I didn’t plan on this post, but when I’ve needed help you’ve had some great ideas, wonderful prayer support and moral support. I’m just a bit lost today.

If you read this twice cuz I’m posting it on both my blogs I’m sorry. I just needed to share. I’m feeling a bit down and alone and even though I have family and friend support I think I’m hoping that someone else is going through or been there, done that and might have an idea or two. If nothing else please pray that I can except the Lords will and figure out what that is and go with the flow.

Thanks for reading, thanks for all your support. Blessings to you all!!


Kim said...

Hey, it'll be ok. And, I'll say some prayers for you. And, I'll talk on the phone whenever you need me to...

The Blog Writer said...

Mike will be happier working elsewhere. His pride will hurt less. The love will grow.

Jim can always have Mike back later, if they both agree.

Grandpa will get a Grandson instead of a trainee. He'll love more easily.

You should drive again. Somewhere, your heart still lies in that. The kids will visit. You can do locum day care, sometimes.

God wants to give you the feel of freedom. It'll be nicer than being home for some part. :)

Are we applying?


Baby Sister said...

Well I certainly understand the family business bit. It's hard. And sometimes there are hard days, but if you're lucky there are good days to compensate. Maybe he should move on. My sister did and I think it made her relationships with us better. He'll still be the son/grandson, just not the employee.
As for the other, just stick with your gut. Maybe try to get another job, even if it's just part time.

Jill said...


So sorry your heart is tormented right now. As for the family business I think that is Mike's to ponder. I know as a parent it's hard to watch...but give it to God, he has a reason for everything. Part of Mike's growing up is learning for will work out in the end.

As for the daycare, I have lots of background there. It sounds like you are not being respected as a BUSINESS. They should be paying you rehularly whether their child comes that day or not to hold their place. If you really find it doesn't work, how about teaching in a center? They are always looking for great experienced people!!
Keep me posted and I will keep praying for you. Just breathe and say "this too shall pass"

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...courage to change the things I can....and wisdom to know the difference.