Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh the fun…

Well since there is just no time in my life right now for crafting I have other goodies to show you. Let’s see where do I start? Well let’s go here:

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This new little guy is only 3 days old and is already feeling the love. Mark has about 10 babies he’s still feeding and the kids get to feed them when we go over to visit.

Then there’s this:


Mike was home yesterday and took out his potato gun and while the kids and I either sat on the porch or were behind the fence he shot potatoes up the driveway. Until he broke his toy. He has to fix it.

Then Mike built his cannon, you saw that on one of my other post but I didn’t show you what it looked like. So here it is.


The blackened part is where the fuse goes.


Mike took his toy to see grandpa (my daddy) and it was like watching two little boys with new toys. Grandpa had this huge smile on his face and Mike was able to puff up proud because his grandfather was impressed.

I took some venture crew Geo-caching this past weekend. We had a blast.

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We had a bet that our group could find more caches in 3 hours then the other group. We found 9 out of 11 we tried for and they found 8. So they treated us to a small blizzard treat at the DQ.

I got to go fishing. I caught 3 sunfish and 2 crappies. Enough for a fresh meal. YUMMY!!!


Rachel made me this little pillow. She embroidered it by herself and then her great grandma Robinson made it into a pillow. I was so impressed with Rachel’s needle work. It’s beautiful!!


And last but not least, our sunset last night. Mike took a panoramic picture and it turned out gorgeous.


So now it’s time to clean up the kitchen and the get snack ready so we can head back outside again. We’ve played kick ball, went bike riding and then had a picnic with grilled hot dogs for lunch today. It’s finally sunshine and happiness outside and we are out there sucking it all up.

Take care my friends and have a blessed afternoon.


Jill said...

Beautiful sunset!! How great to go fishing and catch a fresh dinner! The pillow turned out wonderful!! She's very talented! Have a wonderful evening!


TheBlogWriter8 said...

Mike ought to be in the military! :)

Rachel's pillow surprised me. The kid has talent!

You've got such a precious collection of pictures- it's amazing.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

p.s. happy yellow picture of you!

Flying high in the sky.... said...

how beautiful !! your post made me smile.... take care ...

Baby Sister said...

You're life is crazy all right. I hope you can find some time to crash and relax a little. The sunset is beautiful!!