Thursday, June 9, 2011

Swimming…and more of course…

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We went swimming on Tuesday, that was before it got cold again. We had two days of 90* weather which for me was perfect, I like the warmer weather. Yesterday and today, well that’s another story. It’s only 40* this morning, BURR!!!

Anyways, we went, Rachel, Abby and Hannah and while we were there my little Anton came too. We met Kim and her kids and had a great time. Anton found a baby turtle and would of so love to of keep him but I told him he had to let him go. Rachel is a rock nut and is always collecting and bringing home. Gab and Abby spent a good chunk of time just playing on the shore. Fun was had by all. Kim and I got to visit and just enjoy sitting and not household stuff.

As were were finishing up lunch a lone seagull came to visit so I fed him all the left over's and it was so cool to see him come within 5’ of us. It reminded me of the time I took Rachel and Abby to Duluth with the boys and we fed the seagulls up there. They would fly over head and eat out of your hands if you held the bread pieces high enough.


Last night daddy and I went for a walk after my run and we found this little guy on the ground. You always feel sorry for baby birds so daddy went and dug him up a worm and fed him. I’m not sure if he’ll make it since it was so cold but it wasn’t because we didn’t try.

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We have had some much rain that any low lying area are filled with water. Well our best friends down the road have been talking about Lake Wysocki and how they were going to stock it and everything so after our visit this past weekend we stopped on the way home to “fish”. Just a bit of a funny because really when it gets nice and quits raining it’ll run back into pasture.




Minus the brush/burn pile this is what my back yard looks like. We slide down this hill in the winter and in the summer take the bikes and wagon down it. We also play kick ball, put the sprinklers up and just run around. Lots of play room and lots of mowing. This really is just a portion of our yard but the most open.


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The onion. That is what Jim and Mike called this new water tower they are building in Ironton. I wish I had gotten pictures while it was still in 3 pieces on the ground but I didn’t but it’s fun watching them build it none the less. We climbed boy scout mountain to get a view directly across from it.

And that my friends is all I have to share for today. It’s time for toast, fruit, yogurt and milk for breakfast and then some outside time. Wish it would warm up but we’ll just see. Today could just be a craft day too. We haven’t painted in a while and one of my daycare mama’s bought a cool church craft book that has a couple really cute ideas in it. I’ll share, of course, what we make.

Take care my friends. I hope that you are all doing well. Blessings to you all!!


EmptyNester said...

I bet that if I came up there and hung out with y'all for one week I'd lose all the weight and then some! LOL

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I hope the warmer weather finds you again soon, Julie. I know how much you must have enjoyed your days out when it was warm. I'm avoiding the heat these days but I don't want to completely lose my tan. I need to get out there later today. I hope you have nicer weather for the weekend. hugs. :)

Kim said...

Thanks you for not listing that pic of me, ha ha. We had a great time, if it ever gets hot again we'll go back!!!

The Blog Writer said...

Your Daddy feeding the bird made my heart melt. So sweet!

Anton needs to have this photo framed when he is grown up! :) :)

I'm a rock girl like Rachel, too. Is she taller?! Wow. Kids grow fast!

Baby Sister said...

Fun fun and more fun!! You're back yard is beautiful!! So much space!!

Jill said...

You have a wonderful backyard! Wow, that's quite a change in temperatures! Hope the baby bird was able to make it. Looks like your summer is off to a fun start!!
Have a great day!!