Friday, July 22, 2011

Big changes ahead…

First I’ll share a few things the kids and I have been doing.

We made record bowls. It’s such an easy and cheap and useful project and the kids love it. I do the oven part and then they press the inner bowls to shape, let cool and paint. We made 6 of them and I let the kids take theirs home and I have three for our up-coming craft show.

100_7042 100_7043

100_7038 100_7040

100_7044 100_7045

The when Michele was here she brought us some caterpillars that will be changing into Monarch butterflies. Rachel wanted to hold one while I gave them fresh milkweed. She said it tickles!

100_7048 100_7049

I took the kids swimming yesterday while Mike filled out employment applications. We had a blast and this was the first time I had taken Joss to the lake.

100_7071 100_7067

100_7068 100_7069 

And Mike and I went to scout camp Wednesday evening. For all the years we’ve been in scouts I have either gone up on Wednesday (up, over, down…where ever they are) and stayed the rest of the week or at least gone up to bring treats, ice and see if anyone needs anything, help with homework and also attend church with the boys. This year beings I’m going to the BWCA for 9 days I couldn’t afford both scout camp and that so I just went up to Crosslake and spent the evening with the boys.

 100_7061 100_7064

100_7065 100_7066

Now for my big change…or add to that is…

You all know daycare hasn’t been the most profitable this past year. Thinks have changed, people have moved on and my numbers have shrunk so in order for me to keep doing daycare, because you also know that this is my life, I love kids so much and don’t want to do something different, I have found a solution, I am hoping.

Meet Julie (that’s me), one of Aitkin County’s activity bus driver.


Now it’s just a very part time because I’m still doing daycare and that will limited me some on a few of the games and activities but when I talked to the bus garage they were thrilled. You see, the manager of the bus garage has known me since my early teens. He’s known me through driving truck, working at the nursing home and now daycare. I see him at least yearly when they make their first few runs of the year and I talk to him yearly because each year my numbers and kids change for the bus pickup/drop offs. All drivers in our district start off as activity drivers. It’s a  chance to get a feel of the job without the rush of a timed schedule. Now to do this I already posses a commercial’s driver license so I don’t have to do that I need though to get the endorsements for bus driving and safety and then do some practice driving with their instructor. I think there’s a drivers test too with the bus but wasn’t clear about that. I don’t think I’ll have any problems with any of the driving, now the written test…I’m not good at test, they make me sick really but I will start studying this weekend and hopefully feel able to take the written test next Friday. Oh I have to get a DOT physical too and pay for a background check, about $100.00 above and beyond what I don’t already have but we’ll figure that out in due time.

Because I’ve been scared out of my mind I wasn’t going to share this quite yet but you guys have always supported me, prayed for me and my family I’m once again asking for your support and prayers and courage to step out of my comfortable box and add something really new.

It’s the weekend, a quiet relaxing one I think. Well there’s garage saling tomorrow and then in the afternoon our friends are coming over to spend some much needed friend time. Mike is going to be hosting a shoot and I am going to go for a leisure walk with Terri and some chat time. Shopping on Sunday and maybe fishing if Jim has the time. And the most important, study time.

Take care my friends and have a blessed and awesome weekend.


TheBlogWriter8 said...

That's incredible, Julie! I'm so very happy for you! :)

Baby Sister said...

Those bowls are so fun!! And I think you'll be a great bus driver. :) You'll be amazing!!

Karen Mortensen said...

Good for you. Love the bowls.

ModernMom said...

You had me at record bowls! Those are so darn cute!

Jill said...

Good luck with the job and the bowls turned out great!


Flying high in the sky.... said...

hope all your dreams come true!! you can do it!! hope the friday test goes brilliantly... pictures were so fresh and cool.. made me feel relaxed!!!