Saturday, July 9, 2011

Busy but fun…


First my favorite photo of the week. These are my guineas that followed me to my dad’s house to get their nightly treat of bread. Daddy puts out bread for all his feathered friends but mine come right up the steps to the house door wanting their goodness.


Found this today. The first tomato. YEAH!!! Soon the beans will be ready to pick, the kohlrabi too. The cukes have blossoms, the peppers did too. The corn is more then knee high so the garden is doing wonderfully.

100_6955 100_6945

100_6947 100_6948

100_6949 100_6950

I took the kids mini golfing this week. It was so much fun and I love our little mini golf course.

100_6962 100_6956

100_6957 100_6973


Then we went swimming at Section 6. It’s a mine pit lake and so much fun with the rope swing. As you can see no matter your age a life vest is a must.

100_6985 100_6984


We celebrated Aiden 7th birthday also. We had a blast and Aiden loved his flashlights so that him and his grandpa can go camping some more.

100_6933 100_6929


We had a scavenger hunt (really three of them). They loved having to go out and find different things.

 0703111857a 100_6928

What happens when you go mudding with your best buddy. It gets stuck and throws a chain so you use your lawn mover to haul it home so you can go out and do it again.

And last but not least….



Take care and have a blessed weekend.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Looks like a fun weekend, Julie. The swimming looks great. I wish there was a place like that around here. The area around your home is beautiful. So glad to hear your garden is growing well. We never got ours done as it was in the 90s all through may. We will need a tiller to do it next year.

Have a great Sunday.:)

Kim said...

Loved the post! Hope we can find time today to talk. Text when u have a minute or two. Loved the swimming pics, you have to show me that swing!

Baby Sister said...

Yay for gardens!! Ours is just starting to take off as well. Looks like an awesome weekend!! Mini golf, swimming, mudding...just great fun. :)

Flying high in the sky.... said...

WoW!!! beautiful!!! beautiful!!! and loved the previous post of family reunion too!!! am soo sooo happy for you!!!