Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Puppy disease, Canine parvovirus…

Scout had been exposed, one of her sister has died, the other one got it but survived.

0723111907a Terri and Scouts two sisters

Scared would be an understatement for Mike right now. She is his heartthrob, she is his life, he loves her so much. I know to some she’s “just a dog” but to Mike, to us, she’s a huge part of our family so would you please, in your prayers today say a prayer for her and Mike.

100_6729 100_7010 

 100_7014 100_7019

We took a big chunk of our BWCA trip money and got her to the vet today and got her the 2nd series of shots ( we are 25 days behind so are hoping that she was still covered ) and the vet said she looks good but this is just day 5 of the 10 day incubation period so it’s hard to tell. She, the vet, told us what to look for so we’ll be on the look out the next few days. We are not looking at the glass half empty, she will be fine but there’s still the worry. I also took Wilbur because he was exposed X2 this weekend when the puppies came to visit so just to make sure, even though it’s a puppy disease adult dogs can get it but rarely, we got him his shot too.

I think our family has had enough stress this summer. We don’t/can’t handle a whole bunch more.

I hope that your day is going grand and that life is treating you with respect, love and lots of blessings. Take care my friends and thank you for your prayers.


TheBlogWriter8 said...

I'm sure Scout will be okay. I just know it. Praying. Be good all of you!


Baby Sister said...

That is sad. :( I'll keep Scout in my prayers and your family.

Shawn said...

Scout will be just fine, she just has to because you all love her so much.
I will keep her in my prayers.

Cecil and Chloe are sending purrayers and purrs!
Winston is sending..tail wags and licks!

Shawn said...

BTW, Cecil was in the V-E-T last weekend with Pancreatitis. They are not just pets..They Are Family.

EmptyNester said...

There's no such thing as 'just a dog' around here! They're family!