Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Projects….love them with the kids…

Mike was home Monday and he let Justin help put the tree together and then while he was out doing a welding project the kids helped me decorate it.

 December 003 December 002 

 December 006 December 004

        December 007

Then today we made snow globes. Interesting project with very impatient wee ones. But it worked just fine and they are happy.

December 017 December 018

First find a jar and scuff up the lid. Glue on your objects you want.

December 019 December 021

Add water and glycerin.

 December 023 December 025

Add glitter and stir


December 027

And stir….

December 028 December 029

Try to be patient while the glue dries on the tree. Make heart ornaments.

 December 030 December 031

                 December 037

Gotta still poke a hole and string them but it’s a start on the ornaments.

 December 033

Screw the lid on after adding a bit of extra glue so some wee one doesn’t try to let the tree out.

December 036 December 035

And WAA LAA, there you have a Christmas tree snow globe.

Hope you’re have a blessed day. I know I am.

P.S. If you really want to make these with kids, glue the stuff on before you’re putting it together with them otherwise the tree or other stuff will float because the glue isn’t dry. Also, notice the tree has no star and heart base. Didn’t fit in the jar, so I guess it’s best to check that out before you really even glue anything down.


Jill said...

I always enjoy making snow globes with my kids! We used a lot of donated baby food jars too and they turn out really cute!

Hope you have a wonderful evening!


Baby Sister said...

Huh. I never would have thought to do that. Super cute idea!! And the tree looks awesome as well. :)

A girl needs 2 Talk said...

Wow! How do you know to do all this stuff? I had to read this twice to know what a snow globe is!! :D You're a rocking day care Mum, I tell you!

Kim said...

I've gotta do this with Gabe...he'll flip his lid! Thanks for the idea!