Sunday, December 12, 2010

K-5 concert…and an introduction…

Friday I took my two wee ones to see their brother and friends sing in their school Christmas program. It started at 1:30 so I tried to get there about 1:00 so we could at least get a seat in the middle. Haaa, that’s funny. When I got there it was packed. From the front of the gym to 3/4 of the way back. No chairs available so we stood in the back. All I saw was butts and backs. See….

December 075

Now I just hoisted Justin and Hannah onto my shoulders and they were able to see the program and also for Jon to see them.

It didn’t matter because I found an old co-worker that took my camera and took the most awesome pictures of my little ones. You see, all my little ones are in 1st grade except Abby’s in 3rd. Jon and Anton are my normal every day little ones that come and then there’s Ray, Tyler and Aiden that come once in awhile. It was so great to get pictures so here they are.

December 090 December 082

December 092 December 094 

December 080 December 083

Then Abby’s class… Abby is just over the left shoulder of the choir director.

December 100 December 098

I figured something out, I have been going to these Christmas programs since Mike was in kindergarten. That’s 13 years. Pretty darn cool thing.

Now I have an introduction for you…..

Remember this….My baby goats? Well #1 went to heaven with #2 but #3 is alive and well. We waited to be sure my wee ones didn’t fall in love with a kid until she lived awhile. Well she’s now almost a month old so we named her.

Everyone meet Gracie.

December 071 December 064

December 067 December 069

So now it’s a new week. I have a couple crafts for my wee ones to work on. And Justin needs to work on the letters E and F and grouping items into groups of 5. It’ll be a busy week. It’s suppose to be cold until Wednesday, –20-30 wind-chills so we’ll be only heading out for very short periods of time so plenty of learning and play time coming up.

Take care my friends and have a blessed night sleep and a great day tomorrow.


Baby Sister said...

That goat is so cute. :)

Anonymous said...

So, that's Gracie!!! :D Haha! I thought it was a new blog friend of yours!!! :D She's white and looks good with you! :) Hannah is one brave 2 yr old!

Do you know how it is so cold here that I'm roaming around in a sweater all day? Just this morning, I was telling Mum, I wonder how you guys tackle the snow. {You are all surely going to laugh at me when I see my first snow. I so know it!}

Flying high in the sky.... said...

Gracie!!! wow!!! i am so glad to see her!! wow!! .. and those pics up there... they are beautiful ..almost like a bouquet of flowers (with little kids packed!)