Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I delivered two babies yesterday…

I was so excited. It was so cool. Now I’ve done it once before when the baby was breach and had to go in and turn it but it was so great. I just had to help the mama push and Mark helped pull just a bit and out popped a baby, then two and then three. Sorry to say #2 went to heaven to play but #1 and #3 are happily drinking and crying.

Can you guess what I’m talking about? Here’s I’ll show you….


Meet the mama.

100_4491 100_4492

And babies #1 and #3. Number #3 is doing a bit better then #1 but I think it’ll be okay when mama’s milk comes in better.

100_4497 100_4495

Now I told Mark that these are my babies but they get to eat, poop and live at his house. I just want to be mama2 and get to name them. I told the kids next week we’ll give them names (just making sure the kids don’t fall in love (too late for me) with something that just might not be here next week).

Isn’t life grand. I oh so love these baby goats. I love the way they sound, I love the way they nuzzle, I love the way they love you back. There are times I wish I had a goat but they do grow up, like puppies and then aren’t quite as cuddly and cute but still loving.

Just had to share you all. I hope that you are having the most blessed day possible. I just got a call from a daycare parent, they are coming out to visit after school. YEAH!!! I love my girls. Well I love them all really!!

Take care and God Bless!!


Baby Sister said...

Awww those baby goats are SO CUTE!! That is so fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Your life is soooo amazingly different from ours here! This is sooo fabulous! You delivered a breach once even? Oooh la la! That is something!

I am in love with the fact that the kids aren't afraid to touch and play with the newborns!

Life IS grand! :D :D

Prairiemaid said...

Our goats all kid in the early spring, usually within days of each other. I love it! It is such fun and the babies are so darn cute!

Can't wait to hear what you name these little ones.


EmptyNester said...

They are the CUTEST! They remind me of Hubs' grandmother (passed away 2 years ago at the age of 103) who always had goats on her farm.

Anonymous said...

HAHA baby billy goats :-)

Flying high in the sky.... said...

Wow!! what an experience... my thoughts kept going back to No.2 one... but i am happy for 1 and 3 :)

Deanna said...

I just told hubby the other day, I want some baby goats...

Jill said...

I love goats and those babies are so cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

Shawn Becker said...

When we lived in Mo. , my kids had Billy, the billy goat, for a pet. They played tag with him and he was one of the family. I could tell the minute my kids came through the back door if they had been playing with Billy because the smell permeated the house! Even though he was stinky, it is one of the kids fondest memories!


Kaylen said...

CUTE!!! Baby goats are so adorable!