Monday, November 15, 2010

Just pictures….

100_4465 100_4468

100_4470 100_4471

100_4476 100_4479

100_4481 100_4482

100_4484 100_4486

              100_4487 100_4489


Today I took the kids for a ride to do some errands. Here is some of the sites we saw. The last two pictures the house across the lake is my parents and the one with the cow is my uncles. My favorite, the old school house. I have a soft spot for these places and love seeing them.

Just thought I’d share these with you. Hope you all had a terrific and blessed day.


Jill said...


these pictures are gorgeous! Your parents have a lovely view! As does your Uncle, what a blessing. :-)
Thanks you for your comments today, I always enjoy your visits!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures...some would make great prints to frame and hang on the wall :-)

Baby Sister said...

It is so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Shawn Becker said...

Beautiful pictures..they would make great postcards! I want to live in the old School.


Anonymous said...

Julie, these pictures look like they're out of a movie! I love the fact that the dry twigs on the trees still have life. :) :) Nature is so fabulous!