Friday, November 19, 2010

A story….

Remember awhile back I told you I had a story that was a family one? It is a story that was started out by my mama. She is the greatest story writer and one year she wanted to write one and then have me finish it. So I did my part and finished the story. Well the following year Mike needed a story for creative writing. Since he’s not a great one for starting a story he talked to the teacher and told her about the story we as a family were writing. She told him if he could add his part onto the story she’d except that. Well he got an A on it along with mama and I. The teacher loved it and shared it with the school’s newspaper and I have been thinking about sharing it with you. Well when I decided to, of course, I couldn’t fine it anywhere’s. Mike had destroyed all high school stuff because he wasn’t going there again so I asked mama. My mama saves everything when it comes to Mike and his writing, reports, stories and so on. So without going on and on more about this, here is my mama’s, mine and Mike’s story. A three generation story….

The Town Called Grunge

A husband and wife were on vacation and enjoyed visiting small towns. They came upon a town called Grunge and decided to stay and visit. The husband and wife weren’t much for striking up conversation just enjoyed looking in windows and watching the people of the town. However in this town the people seemed so different. No one acknowledged their presence, not even a “hello” or a “howdy”, and they all walked with their heads down like there was a wind storm, all though it was a sunny, clear day. This made the couple very curious as there weren’t any frills either, no people chatting, no kids playing in the streets, no pets running around. It was just very strange.

They decided that since they were so hungry they’d look for a place to eat. They found a diner but it had that terrible Grunge look. You couldn’t see through the door window which was cracked and ready to fall out, the windows were so dirty and the flyers that were in the windows seemed to be so old. But being hungry and a lack of any other place to go, they entered. As they were walking in the door they had to dodge a ladder that seemed to go to the roof, but figured they were having repairs done, which not only the roof needed! They found a couple of waitresses and a cook working in the kitchen as though they were cooking for a crowd. The couple sat down in a booth and no one came out to take their order. They waited a good 30 minutes just watching and trying to hear what the waitresses and cook were talking about. They waited for another 10 minutes and finally the husband said “we’d like to order”, no one even turned in their direction, it seemed as if they didn’t hear them or care, so the couple got up to leave. They got to the door and found it locked and as they looked back they saw what they thought was a child’s hand and wondered what was in that huge pot they were cooking. But there wasn’t much time to wonder because the waitresses and cook started walking towards them as if they were in a trance. They had never seen such ugly people, kind of a gray color and eyes that bulged and they were caring knives. The couple looked out the door and the town’s people no longer had their heads down and they too were gray with bulging eye coming right at the diner with axes and knives. The husband and wife stood for seconds that seemed like years wondering what they could do, where they could run………….where to go.

The couple stood there for a few more seconds trying to put two and two together and then the husband grabbed his wife’s hand and headed for the ladder they had dodged on the way in. They weren’t quite sure where it would lead or what but they knew it would be away for these people, at least for a little bit. The door was still locked but had a dead bolt so they turned the knob.

As they climbed the ladder it seemed to just go on and on and when the man’s wife looked down there was no on following them. They slowed their ascend and climbed into a room that was very dark and it smelled terrible. They didn’t want to go back down, they didn’t was to go in but having no choice they headed in looking for a light switch. As they stumbled around a bit they could hear noises but couldn’t make anything out, it was kind of like muffled screams or something like that. They finally found a light switch and just as they were about to turn it on… happened…someone yelled “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!” The couple just stood with their mouths opened and once it sunk in that they weren’t about to become soup they started to laugh. The town’s folks do this every year and they did apologize for terrorizing the couple. Once things had settled down they were able to enjoy “Grunge Day” with the town folks. Oh and the smell, it was from everyone taking their shoes off so there weren’t any noises and it was the sock stink.

The towns’ festivities included some really weird games and activities the couple had never seen or heard about but that didn’t keep them for having a great time. There were games like, hit the pumpkin with a tomahawk, find the scarecrow, pin the hat on the kids, and all sorts of different games. The food was really strange too. Remember the child’s hand in the soup? Well it also had eye balls, ears and toes. All made from pasta. When all the games were completed and all the food was gone there was just one more thing to do, to go on a hay ride. You know the kind in the dark, through the forest, not knowing where you are or where you’re going.

The couple were a bit frightened to take this ride. They had only met these town folks a few hours before and really just wanted to head out of town to the nearest motel. But because they had been treated like family they decided to be part of this hay ride. There were pumpkins lining the road, there were lighted ghosts in the trees and at first this seemed like it would be a romantic hay ride but the further they got into the forest the less lighting there was and the more woods noises they heard. The people started to get really quiet and seemed to start acting just a little off. The people started to moan and sway a bit. It got darker and darker and soon they couple couldn’t even see each other, all they could do was press closer together. Then all of a sudden…………

So there you have it. Now there’s room for another generation to add to it one year. Or maybe a nephew or daycare wee one. Or maybe even you if you’d like to add to it and send me your part. The only thing I ask is, this is a Bill/Riley story we are sharing with you, please don’t copy it and say it’s yours.

Now it’s onward and upwards to the weekend. I am ready. Take care and God Bless you all my friends.


Anonymous said...

I loved that!!! What a gripping tale! You three could write a freaky book! You should! (I might be too chicken to read it at one go though.)

Family story?! How innovative! Wow. I'm giving you an A+ :) :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. any nightmares in the next day or two will be your fault!

EmptyNester said...

Ok, well, thanks Stephen King...I mean Julie. LOL Get someone to finish this thing---I can't stand to be left hanging!

Baby Sister said...

I agree with EmptyNester!!

Very impressed. :) Good job!!