Friday, November 19, 2010

Daycare day….

Well I told you it was going to be busy. So here’s what just a portion of our day was about.
100_4510 100_4511

Wilbur's jammies. The ones he outgrew Hannah wanted on and the ones Wilbur wears when we go camping because he gets so cold.

100_4524 100_4527

100_4528 100_4529

 100_4530 100_4531

Wilbur getting dressed by Rachel to greet the boys after school. I love the picture of him and the two boys but the most precious is the look from his couch. “Can’t this just end now?”

Then to top our day off, I needed to haul in wood and the kids wanted to help. Here’s what they came up with, on their own, to help me.

And the final picture…


So that ends a very long but good week. Take care everyone and have a safe and blessed weekend.


Jill said...

Love the pictures! Have a great weekend!

Baby Sister said...

Those kids are so cute!! That was nice of them to help you. :)

EmptyNester said...

They must have a ball with you! I guess Wilbur won't have any trouble sleeping tonight either...I just notice that the noise I was hearing is Tucker-snoring! LOL

Flying high in the sky.... said...


Sabina Bint Benjamin said...

Awesome post, that's some real teamwork there!

Anonymous said...

I finally get to hear you all! :D :D :D Yay!! You sound cute! That's a very exciting video. I loved the huffing and puffing!

My favorite picture next to that last one is of Hannah and Wilbur in the jammies!!! :D Adorable!

I am happy now!! And grinning! :D