Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The count down....

It is just a short 17 days before we head to the BWCA so that means at least 100 times each day I think of something I need to do or something I need to bring and something I need to sew to make things easier so that means today I am making a bedroll bag and also a cover for my sleeping pad. I found a cool idea at Bobbie's tee tote tot tote tutorial at It's just using an old tee shirt for a tote and I think this will work perfect for my bedroll. For the sleeping pad cover I'm just going to take a old flannel sheet and make it into a huge pillow case, easy to put on and take off and will make a very small bundle to carry. We leave the 25th of July and figure it's going to be pretty warm up there so don't want to go and carry a sleeping bag when two light blankets will do the trick. Mike is taking his sleeping bag and that's not a small thing so don't need to big items along with everything else. Last night I put together my first aide kit. I will make us a small personal one, the one I made was for the cook kit. I'd rather be overly prepared in the since then not. We do have an EMT coming with us this year and she plans on bring her stuff too so I think we'll be plenty prepared. I'll share me project pictures when I'm done. It'll be neat to do some sewing today.

Our County Fair starts today. Rachel and Abby have chicks in there and 4-H projects. Rachel's 4-H project is about flowers and Abby did trees. We'll go on Friday so they can show me everything and then go on a few rides. Then after Mike gets off from work we'll walk down and meet us. At 7:00 Mike and I will work the JC's Turkey Sandwich booth.

Has anyone started thinking about Christmas yet? This year is going to be an all homemade one. So far I'm going to start making plastic bag holders. My mama asked me to make her one and thought if she needed one just maybe everyone else on my list could use one (if they have one then two). I'll come up with other goodies as the year keeps going.

Today I have an extra little one. I'm not quite sure what extra we'll do other then play but I'm betting they'll keep me busy. It's time for breakfast so had better get going.

Take care you all and have a great day. God Bless!!

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