Thursday, July 9, 2009


The beauty of summer. I love it. We went for a walk tonight down to the pond and these flowers among at least a thousand more were just asking to have their pictures taken.

Here's a look at my garden too. Yep, I see the weeds too but last week there were a billion more so not to bad now. We have eaten all the kohlrabi now and picked the first cucumber. The beans will be ready in about a week or so. My raspberry patch will produce just a little this year and this fall we are going to move it out of the garden and start it over fresh. It's been slowly dying out so this will be the year to move it. The only thing that isn't the greatest yet is the corn but it's still early so we can hope it comes in.

Jim calls me the pied piper of our chickens. They are spoiled rotten. At our house they live until the die naturally or the vixen comes by for dinner. They eat the ticks and spiders and anything else that crawls or is tiny so they earn their keep plus they give me a couple dozen eggs each day which save me tons of money (that is if feed was cheap) in our grocery bill. I love being able to bake any time I want because before chickens it always seemed I never had eggs. Did I mention we have ducks and guineas too? We have a black mama chicken that hatched a little baby duck we call Chuck. He may end up a bit confused but with three other ducks to watch he'll learn.
Well it's time to do some paperwork, watch a wee bit of TV and then head to bed. Tomorrow I just have the girls so am going to go and check out the new Thrift Shop in Deerwood and the go swimming. We'll end our morning with a picnic. Then in the late afternoon we'll head to the Aitkin County Fair. Mike and I will work the Turkey Booth and then putz around the fair and see what's there. Mini donuts, cotton candy, fresh ice cold milk and snow cones, Yummm!!!

So good night, sleep tight and God Bless!!!

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rajdog1 said...

I love your flower pics...what is kohlrabi?