Monday, July 20, 2009

If anyone is interested, there is a place out there for mama's to find and give things away. It's called Go and check it out. I just completed my first give today. I sent off a few craft supplies I had extra, a clothes line that was sitting on the shelf with a package of clothes pins, a bracelet I made just for the box and a bit of this and that. The lady I did this for loved it all. You can give or trade things here. They have lots of mama's on this website so if you're looking for something extra to think about then head there and see.

Today I let the girls play with my make-up. Really I don't wear make-up but I always have some for the day I just might want to be pretty. My mama says she never can see it when I do put it on but isn't that how a person is suppose to wear it? I really haven't a clue but I do know the girls are having a blast. They have painted their toe nails, finger nails and the boys toe nails (it comes off before the daddy sees it, most of the time :o) ). Now the girls want to do mine, that's funny since I have ugly toes and not to much for toe nails but we'll see.

I'm just about done packing and getting it all into the suburban. There are the odds and ends I'm remembering as the day goes on so am writing it down and doing it when there's time. Mike bought me a Back Track, it's sorta like a GPS but only keeps three different places remembered and I'm learning to use that so I can pin point my suburban when we get to our exit point, our camp site and home. I think I'll really like it and the security I'll feel using it. Just another way to be safe.

Okay, off to have them do my toe nails. Take care and have a super evening. God Bless!!!

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rajdog1 said...

I bet them toenails sure look purty! :)