Thursday, August 26, 2010

Corn, corn and more corn…

But no complaints because come winter we’ll have plenty to eat, make soup with and also grill. Today I had about 60 cobs that I took the corn off the cobs and bagged. I decided to do it outside this time, much less mess. The chickens sure loved me doing it outside. So far I have a dozen bags of cobbed corn and 25 bags of off the cob. I’m thinking we’ll be okay there. There’s also about 10 bags of beets, 10 bags of broccoli, 15 bags of beans and I haven’t gotten to the tomatoes yet but that’s next, along with apples if I can find any. I don’t know but it seems in this area there isn’t much to be had but one of my daycare grandparents said her tree is producing so I’m hoping I can get a few bags from them. Next will be saving up for a 1/4 of a beef and 1/2 pig, or at least try too.

100_3495 100_3496

100_3497 100_3498

Oh speaking of corn. How do you cook your corn? On the grill, on the stove top, in the oven? I found a super simple, no mess, no heat in the house, way to cook your corn to perfection. Use a microwave safe plate, wet a paper towel and place it on the plate. Place 4-6 cobs of corn on the plate, cover with plastic wrap and nuke for 5 minutes. It comes out crispy tender and oh so good. I’ve also just rolled a cob in a wet paper towel and nuked that for 1 1/2-2 minutes and it works great too. Either way is easy and mess free.

Then tomorrow is R&A mom’s birthday so we made some homemade body/hand scrub. I couldn’t find a recipe I really liked so like my normal way of doing things we just made it up. We tried it and it really worked good and felt so nice so we put it in a jar and then made a label. If someone would like our recipe I can post that if you want me too.

 100_3500 100_3501

So that is that for today. We went for a cart ride to see the grandparents, swimming, bike riding and then a nap and my exercise time with three helpers. Now snack time and more outside. I’m thinking a walk in the woods to see what we can find.

Here’s my sunflowers, they are just starting to really come out. Enjoy. Take care and have a blessed evening.

 100_3492 100_3494


Kim said...

Yummy!!!!!! Man are you the sunflowers too!

Baby Sister said...

Sunflowers and corn make me happy!! Lucky you!!

A girl needs 2 Talk said...

Okay Julie... I am so impressed and stunned, I am still reeling from it all. THAT many bags of vegetables? I LOVE corn and I am plain jealous. I eat it boiled. I love your cute little packs and the handwriting is very cute!

About the scrub- holy cow! HOW do you do stuff that looks so cool??? I love the tag! You're an awesome person to have around, come birthday time! ;)


jen said...

This post made me so homesick! I'm a transplanted Idaho girl living in the AZ city. And I miss fresh corn this time of year. We do get it sometimes, but it's not the same.
I'm a new follower, so I'll be back!

blogitse said...

Corn - yummy!
Have a great weekend,

Follow Friday 40 and over greetings from Casablanca, Morocco...

Java said...

I wish I was your neighbor!! Or a relative! That body scrub sounds wonderful!
We used to bag corn too but haven't done it for a couple of years...I miss having fresh corn like that!
I make mine on the stove top but I am definitely trying your way as that is much easier!

Hope you have a great weekend Julie!!

Flying high in the sky.... said...

what a fresh post!!!!!!!!!! loved everybit of it ....could smell the farm !

brandymoon said...

I just love the body scrub idea! I think I might have to try that!