Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My life is always busy but for good things. Not to often is something crappy unless it’s me and with daycare that just doesn’t happen very often. How can it, you have 5 wee ones looking at your with loving eyes and wanting that look back. Oh how I love my life as a daycare mama.

Last weekend two of my wee ones participated in Deerwood Summer fests Tractor Pull. I didn’t get to go, I had to do other things plus we had our Eagle Court of Honor I shared with you. But anyways, their mama text me their results and then on Monday they came to share with me. Check these out….

100_3397  100_3398

Jon won first place for all 6 year olds. I love the look, he was so proud to show me.

100_3399 100_3400

Justin won 3rd place for the 4 year olds. I think the picture says it all. I was so proud of these boys. I hate missing things like this but next year I’ll do my best to watch them.

Yesterday my daddy and I took the kids for a walk in the woods and then a few other goodies. Jon so loves pushing down trees and Justin loves to see how many trees he can wiggle and break. Hannah holds grandpa’s hand and just smiles when he gets her a tiny tree to push over. I didn’t get pictures of this but we go often I’ll share the next time we go.

We then stopped by the artesian well and grandpa tried to teach Hannah to drink water from her hand. I think she would of been better off just sucking the water out of her shirt after all her efforts but they both had a great time.


Then we walked to the creek and threw rocks. My mama says that they dump trucks didn’t bring the rocks there for us to throw in the water but we all just smiled.


Then on the way home we stopped for a rest and here’s grandpa with “his” wee ones.


How can anyone have a bad day when you have these smiling faces looking at you. Just not possible.

We are doggy sitting a terrific dog named Belle. She is such a treat to have here and she loves the kids just about as much as they love her. Her mama and daddy are on vacation in Virginia getting to see all kinds of cool things.

100_3404 100_3403

So that’s our midweek. I hope your hump day is at least 1/2 as great as mine is.

Take care my friends and have the most blessed day.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jon and Justin! Good job. I see the kids are having fun with Belle - I hope it won't be too hard of them when she has to go home. Smiles


Anonymous said...

This post had me smiling SO much that my eyes were starting to drip out of happiness!

I love that picture of Grandpa with Hannah! Awww, the cuteness!

Except for baby sitting the doggy (because I am scared) I am jealous!!!