Saturday, August 7, 2010

I’m back……

What happens when you take 8 teens, 2 “old” teens and put them in a Venture Camp?

camp wilderness

They have the time of their lives. I have got to tell you, I have been going to camp since Mike was a tiger cub in 1st grade and now he’s graduated so that means a smack load years at least and I have a great time at each and every camp but nothing, NOTHING!!! compares to this past week. Ventures Crew 52 ROCKS!!!! 

Here’s our Venture Crew…There are 7 men and 3 women (I’m hiding behind the camera).


The weeks events were Archery, Rifle, Shot Gun, Low COPE, High COPE, Climbing, Swimming and mega hiking. COPE means Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience. There are seven goals in a COPE Course and they are Teamwork, Communication, Trust, Leadership, Decision Making Problem Solving and Self-Esteem. And I have to tell you something, it is great for the soul. I saw kid that are not the greatest friends work together in team work that was amazing. I saw kids afraid to do something and achieve a goal and the look of pride of accomplishment is heart warming. Before I tell you about what I did here are some pictures of the kids and some of the activities.

100_3086_00 100_3087

100_3089_00 100_3095_00

 100_3098_00 100_3101

100_3111 100_3121_00

   100_3163 100_3203_00

100_3172 100_3177


VENTURE CREW 52, I AM PROUD OF YOU!!!! Thank you for letting me be part of something as grand as this!!

Now remember the Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience part? I went this year to be part of the group. To be there if a person needed some help, need some advice, needed some support. I am a giver and love giving. I’m not one to ask for help, except help unless no choice. I don’t ask but they taught me this past week I can ask, receive, be pushed and push myself to do things I didn’t even know I could do. I did just about everything the kids did or tried. Archery….I can hit the 3D target without snapping my boob to many times. Rifle shooting, I can hit a target in a quarter size grouping. Shot gun, I can hit a clay pigeon with both a 20 gauge and an over/under 20 gauge.


For the Low COPE Course I feel flat on my face and not literally, I chickened out. I did not do “The Wall”. It’s a 12’ wall that you work together on. I felt like such a failer, I let the kids down. They wanted me to do it, they all would of worked hard to get me up there but I chickened out. I decided then and there tomorrow for the High COPE and Climbing I would do all that I could do AND……I did it. Well to the best of my abilities and more.


I got 15’ up the cave ladder. No I didn’t make it to the top but I made it 15’ off the ground on a ladder that is 6” wide, steps about 12” apart, that is wiggly and hard to climb.

My next challenge, a 30’ climbing wall. Straight up in the air, climbing by rocks and bricks then hoisting my body up on the top to then repel down the side with no one to save my butt if I screw up. I DID IT!!!! TWICE!!!

 100_3212 100_3213_00

100_3226 100_3227


My looks says it all. I think :o)

My last big challenge was the Fire Tower. For years Jim has been trying to get me to climb the towers around our area but I get up a flight or two and start to shake, shiver and just freak out but this time I had 1 scout in front of me to lead the way and 3 behind me cheering me on and I made it to the top of this…

Looking down we look like this… and it’s just from the 3 level


This is what you see from the top, Bad Axe Lake. Camp Wilderness, Park Rapids, MN


So can you tell that this was a camping experience of a life time? It was and I can’t wait for our next trip. Where are we going? Well I think next summer the BWCA for possible my last big camping trip with Mike. He’ll be 19 and getting ready for college, big moves and life. For me, it won’t be the last for me and my scouts, both boy scouts and venture crew, I plan on being part of their program as long as they’ll have me. We have paint ball coming up, another high adventure weekend in October and then things will slow down a bit for the winter but there’s movie nights, parties and bowling so more fun coming.

I found out that no matter what your brain says, you can make things happen. You can push yourself out of your safety net and do some cool and interesting and exciting adventures. It is possible even when you’re an “old teen” of 48 years.

Now it’s back to life. Daycare starts on Monday. We are planning an End of Summer Party for the 30th of the month. I want to take them swimming a few more times and if I possible can swing it I think for a round of mini golf at our local place. There will be trips to the farms, play dates with cousins and other fun things too. School starts in a month and then I’ll be missing my not so wee ones while they are off learning. It’s so hard sending them off when they’ve been such a huge part of my life. I am so glad I do daycare for some awesome families.

Take care my friends and hopefully I’ll be back early this week with a new project or idea, but if not….I’ll still be reading your blogs, checking out what you have to teach me. I’ve been missing a lot this past month or so but will be back to read what’s happening soon. God Bless you all!!


Anonymous said...


Here you are!

Can I say, "AMAZING"???!!

I looked at those heights and I am super proud of you!

Very fun photographs! The ones where you are climbing made me go, "Whoa!"

Very very cool!

Here is a warm welcome home. :) :)

Have a happy weekend!

Baby Sister said...

Wow!! That is impressive!! Especially the Fire Tower! I could NOT have done that. Looks like fun!! Good job!! :D