Monday, August 9, 2010



Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Well mine is doing really well. I worked in it Saturday afternoon before hauling dirt and picking rock.

I picked enough beans to make us happy for the winter, got two cabbages, 1/2 5 gallon bucket of beets and tomatoes. See..

100_3276 100_3279 

100_3294 100_3292

I have got to share my tomatoes plants with you. The ones above are just cherry tomatoes up by my porch. These are the ones we snack on all day long. The kids love them and every once in awhile I’ll find a DM or JR written in magic marker telling me this bunch is for David or Mike. But back to my tomato plants. I have always had huge ones that produce tons and tons of tomatoes but this year I have a couple plants that are more then huge plus the tomatoes growing on them are almost dessert plate size. See…

  100_3281 100_3282

100_3283 100_3285

100_3287 Can you find Wilbur, my dog?

Soon I’ll have to be giving them “hair” cuts so then they’ll look naked but before that I wanted to share them with you. I love the smell of the garden. The scent of fresh veggies, sunflowers, corn….oh there’s nothing like it.

We also had a visitor last night, a mug-wamp.  Don’t know what that is? His mug on one side, his wamp on the other? How about a Great Blue Heron. He’s been visiting our pond this summer and has finally gotten use to the noises around here and doesn’t fly off. Mike was able to get some really good pictures of him, let me share them with you…


100_3298 100_3300

So today it’s hot and muggy. A good day for a swim so that’s what the kids were doing by 8:30. We did go see my grandparents today, grandpa isn’t doing well…doctor said his battery is almost done. Grandma looks tired and worn out but of course is stubborn and won’t expect help unless she asks for it. I kissed grandpa today and rubbed his back and I’m not sure if he knew me or not but did smile and look at me. When I was talking to grandma he said “yap, yap, yap is that all I’m going to do” so that’s when I went in to sit with him. My little ones always stopped in and say hi to him and he just smiled but at least acknowledged them and that make them happy. My grandpa is 97 years old and grandma is just about 93, so we know what’s up but that doesn’t make it any easier. Can’t change life and even grandma says we are very lucky to have them here so long but I’d love another bunch of years. We’ll just see what life brings. Hopefully lots more hugs and back rubs.

So there’s my week so far, gardening, landscaping, daycare, visiting and tonight our scouts meetings. Plenty to keep this lady hopping. I hope that all is well with you all. Take care and God Bless!!!


Mom vs. the boys said...

look at those dirty hands! well worth it by the look of your bounty though!
Once I had a great blue hero crap on my car windsheild while I was driving,and let's just say that is one big bird to poop on your windshield! I couldn't see out the window! I had to turn on the wipers which just smeared it around and ran down the sides of the car and looked horrible! I couldn't stop laughing for days!

on the the other hand, I'm sorry to hear grandpa isn't doing well, it's amazing how long his life has been, truely amazing to live that long and see so much!

Baby Sister said...

Your garden looks awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed! So impressed with that big bunch of fresh veggies! Sooo very impressed!

Grandpa is 97?? WOW. Bless him. I hope you get a bunch of more years, too! You are sweet to treat them so good. I love it when you writ about family!

I am so glad I saw how tomatoes grow! Mum has been wanting to show me ever since I was a kid. So, I just called her here and got her to see with me!! I gotta thank you for that!

Mindy said...

Wow - looks like your garden is doing great! This is my first year really having anything other than tomatoes planted and we are over run with tomatoes, cantaloupe, and watermelon... oh yes and okra. I'm not really good at following the instructions on the back of the seeds so I planted them close and two huge rows. lol
It's really wonderful that your children get to visit with your grandparents... I wish my children would have had to chance to know mine.
Thanks for stopping by my blog... I loved catching up on yours. ;)

Kim said...

Loved your posts and the pictures from camping were great! You look so happy to have gone over that wall!!! I am jealous of your that would be fun...take care and thank you for listening to me this weekend. It's been hard but I'm getting a bit you Julie...Kim