Sunday, August 29, 2010

Game night…..

Once a month my mom hosts a family game night. We start off with a wiener roast and outside games when it’s nice and then when it’s dark we go in and play something. We’ve had family game night way back when I was little. It continued when I got married and then for a few years it stopped because everyone was busy and we were driving truck. Well a few years back mama started it up again with the grandkids and us. Well I can say each time we get together it’s a blast. I finally took my camera with me this past game night so now I can share with you. So here’s what we did with our family get together….


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We had a great time. I so love our get togethers.

This weekend was a good one. Yesterday instead of working hard I went shopping with my mama an daddy, then came home and got it all put away. Jim and Mike came home and we took a neep (remember neep, it’s longer then a nap but shorter then sleep). Then Jim and I went out and target practiced for a couple of hours. We also figured with all the noise it would keep those foxes away along with the raccoons and skunks. For some reason this is the year these things are wiping us out. We are down at least 40 chickens, a corn crop and there are skunk holes in our yard. It’s not like we’re just letting them either. I’ve taken out 2 foxes and 6 raccoons but there’s more. We have the live trap set up but I think everything is just avoiding that. We have two radio’s going during the day each on a different channel and with the dog out, the kids running around I just am not sure when they are getting them but they are. Last night was the first night in ages we were in by 8:00 and just watched TV and ate supper in our chairs.

Today was another sorta screw around day. Jim and I went out for breakfast and picked up feed, grass seed and his work groceries and came home to Mike working on his suburban. We took the wrist rockets out and played with them a bit and then the bows and arrows. We did plant the grass seed, put in a section of drain tile and I picked tomatoes otherwise it was another night in before dark. I love it!!!

Tomorrow is my daycare “End of Summer” party. So far there will be 12 kids and 3 adults but there are a couple other invitations out there so we’ll see who comes when it’s time. We will have games, a picnic and then swimming and playing with the fire hoses. I’ll be sharing when I get time and energy.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I’m planning on it. Take care my friends and God Bless!!!


Flying high in the sky.... said...

wow........i was almost there... part of your happiness and gathering ... God Bless and hope you have many more such events coming up ....

take care

A girl needs 2 Talk said...

End of daycare, huh? That's AWESOME!! You're the coolest day-care mama I've heard of!

I'm wondering- is Wilbur safe from the foxes? I'm sure yes, just wanted to check.

Your blog is going to be an amazing thing for Mike's kids to read and to want to follow your tradition!

Jeff said...

Nothing more relaxing than hot dogs grilled over open coals , family games and finishing up the night with smores :-)

Slipstitches said...

Wow, never a dull moment at your place. I think it's so awesome your family comes together like this.

Baby Sister said...

I love family game nights. :)