Friday, August 13, 2010

My poor microwave….


It’s dead. It’s died. I feel so bad. How can something still look good, tell time, light goes on, but won’t work. There is something wrong with it. It works for 5 seconds, sorta and shuts off. Jim said there has to be some kind of short in there. I need my microwave. With daycare I am using it all the time. Last night I had to heat up the beets on the stove, oh me oh my….just like old times….I don’t want old times I like my microwave. Guess I’ll be shopping for a new one this weekend, sure do hope I find a sale.

All the kids have been playing with Lego’s for weeks now, they aren’t getting tired of them and keep coming up with new creations. Last night when it was just Jon play he brought out a Lego guy and stuck him to my ivy. He really looks like he’s climbing Jon said and called him Mike because Mike loves to climb.

100_3308 100_3309

My daddy came over yesterday with these for me. Oh they are so pretty and look so nice. I have got to remember to grow Zinnia's. They are such a hardy flower and come in such beautiful colors.

100_3305 100_3307

I hope that all is well with you guys. I hope that you have a terrific Friday and a most relaxing and Blessed weekend.


Today is the 12th edition of…………..

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This is the neatest way to meet people my age. People that have been there, done that, or going through it. I have found help with many issues, I have found tons of ideas and most of all I have found some super cool people. If you have a moment, go and check it out…I promise you won’t regret it at all.

Thank you to JAVA for hosting this most amazing blog hop.


LBDDiaries said...

Visiting from Java's Never Growing Old site - we quit using a microwave a couple months ago - phew - cooking "old school" IS tough sometimes but I am discovering that, other than reheating coffee or tea, I am doing fine without it. Really, I am. I AM! Don't you believe me??

Anonymous said...

Your Daddy coming with flowers for you made me cry. How sweet is that!!

I really hope the old microwave can be made alright. It looks good! Oww- I am so sorry about it not working. I feel for you... Take this fat hug. Feel better? You'll find a sale, if nothing. Watch out.

Anonymous said...

p.s. Mike climbing looks really cool!

Baby Sister said...

I love Zinnias!!!! They are so beautiful!!
Good luck with the microwave...

Flying high in the sky.... said...

oh...i hope your microwave gets well soon ... i know how handicapped you feel when you get used to a few things....

hope you get a new one soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!