Friday, June 18, 2010

A beautiful day today….

Today was one of the most busy days I’ve had in a very long time but also one of the most beautiful days. This morning I spent 4 hours laying carpeting at my parents home. Their porch looks amazing now. My mom took pictures that I can share later after I download them and mail them to me. Then I came home and tilled my garden. That took me about an hour along with weeding. I’m impressed with the garden this year. Considering we have had more rain then sunshine it’s looking pretty good. Then…. Mike got off early, loaded up the bikes and we went to the Cuyuna Lakes State trails. We rode 6.6 miles and had a blast. Mike took some amazing pictures I’ll share with you. On the way home I took Mike to a place Jim and I use to stomp around, Tromald and Section 6 mine pit lake. With all the rain we’ve had we had a couple questionable place we went but Mike had to show me the way first by walking the puddle to make sure they weren’t washed out or extra soft. All in all it was a great day and now I am so tired I think I’ll be heading to bed early. I had today off but work tomorrow but you don’t hear me complaining. If all my days off could be this productive and fun I’d do them all the time.

So on to the pictures. I hope you all have a great and blessed weekend. Be sure you take them time to relax and enjoy.


My knees after after laying the carpet


 100_2511 100_2576

 100_2536 100_2539

 100_2549 100_2551

 100_2565   100_2513


100_2570   100_2572

Take care my friends. God Bless you all!!


Amy said...

Wow- I'm worn out just reading about it!

Feeling Just Right said...

Julie, I saw that last picture and almost shrieked! You waded through that, too??

I love the mum and son bike snap!

Hope your knees are better. Bet your parents love the carpeted house! You're a good daughter :)

G-Zell said...

Oh no~ Your knees looked like they hurt so bad. I hope you recoverd! :)... Have a great weekend!