Thursday, June 10, 2010

Come see what I sewed today….

When we are heading north of Brainerd I usually see a sign that says “Come See What I Sawed” and every time I see that then I start singing the Christmas carol The Little Drummer Boy, where in the song it says something like come see what I see……anyways I just sing it with those words. Stupid, I know.

Anyways, lookie what I finally did today. Kim brought me over the cutest pink checkered pillow case because I wanted to make a pillow case dress for Hannah’s birthday. She’ll be two on Sunday but tomorrow I’ll have a little gift for her. We already did the birthday party but she’s my little girl and I had to make her something. So here….what it starts to look like, some of the steps. Tomorrow I’ll take a couple of pictures of her wearing it.

100_2439 100_2441

100_2444 100_2445

I did look at some tutes and some links on the how to’s but I didn’t have any of the supplies I needed to make it their way so I did it my way. Here’s how it turned out. I used elastic in the back, I took two tucks at the neck line to make it fit better, I used ribbon that I chained together in three pieces and buttons, lots of buttons. I’m not a hand sewer but did some on this dress.

100_2447 Front

  100_2448 Back

So a project started and finished, finally! I haven’t been too good at the crafting lately. Been busy and also now have a full house with daycare so not to much quiet nap time.

Yesterday I got my essential oils so I can make my home made cleaning spray. Remember the post with the cleaner? Here’s the recipe for the cleaner, I’ll tell you this next week how it works, I’ll make some up tomorrow.

All-purpose cleaner

- 3% Hydrogen peroxide. 97¢
-Essential oils lemon, tea tree, and lavender found at Whole Foods (or any health food store) The oils will last you forever.
-Spray bottle tops
Use one 16 oz. hydrogen peroxide bottle half full, and fill the other half with water.

*Note: Make sure you use the brown bottle for the container. It looses it's strength when exposed to light.

5 drops of lemon (lemon is an antibacterial, deodorizer and disinfectant)
5 drops of tea tree (tea tree is an antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal)
2-5 drops lavender (for scent purposes) You can use any scent that you like. I just love lavender. The aromatherapy makes me feel great!  ( I got lemongrass scent, it’s my favorite)

-Shake before use.

So there you have it folks. Nothing super grand but I am happy with the way the dress turned out. I can’t wait for Hannah to try it on tomorrow.

I hope you all have a great up coming weekend. I am off so think am going swimming with Mike and Scott in the pits and then I know for sure I’m taking a nap. If we don’t get some sunshine soon I’ll be all out of energy. I am such a solar powered person and with days and days of rain and dreariness I just run out. It’s not even suppose to get sunny and warm this coming week. Only in the 60’s for the highs and 40’s at night…not good for garden either though it is coming up, just slowly.

Rest, relax and enjoy my friends. Take care and God Bless!!!


Anonymous said...

"Solar powered person" made me laugh!

Not great?>? That dress is beautiful. I love the frill at the bottom! I want to be little. I want to have a birthday. And I want to be wearing that dress tomorrow!

Lucky girl this toddler!

Gorgeous job :)

Kim said...

Hey! That dress is looking wicked-cute! I can't wait to see it on Hannnah! Stand her out on the porch to get a picture - don't you hate these dreary, dark, days!!!!! I can't get a decent picture for anything...well, I'm off to pick up Abby and hopefully hit a garage-sale or two...I can't remember if there is anything you're on the lookout me if there is! Later! KG

detweilermom said...

that is really cute. Just stopping by to return the visit. Following

Java said...

Are you kidding? This is so pretty! I'm so jealous that you can sew like that! I can do buttons and hem but not outfits!!

My Mother of the Groom dress needs hemmed....when can you come over!?

Have a wonderful weekend too my very good friend!!!

Jen said...

That dress looks really cute!! I am following you back from Friday Follow!! Have a great weekend.