Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father’s day daddy…..


My daddy has never had any other name then daddy. I can’t imagine calling him dad or father, it’s always been daddy. When I worked in town for a few years I’d see him driving though town and would step outside my shop and yell daddy and he always knew it was me. He’d stop by and I’d close the shop for a little bit and head across the street for a treat with my daddy. When I drove truck I thought I was going to die missing him so when we left for the first time I took a flannel shirt he use to wear out to the barn and wore that every single day for months until I was ready to just sleep with it. Finally after a year or so I was able to just have it around and be okay. When we moved back home and I had to work at the nursing home Jim and I would be fighting and daddy would come and pick me up from work, take me for a ride and a snack and tell me to grow up, “you picked him” he’d say and I’d go home ready for another day. When we built up our home/hobby farm next door he would come over any time I’d need help. He has helped me more then ever on so many different things. Daddy loves chocolate chip cookie dough, so when I’m making cookies I always save him a cup or so of dough and he’ll come over for a treat. Daddy has helped build garages, pour and smooth concrete, mow when I was just to sick to do it, helped me till the garden, trim trees, cut wood, pile wood. He’s come and praised me just when I needed it the most. He has the smoothest hugs and he loves to hug and so do I. He rubs my back. One time we watched the movie Spirit and he rubbed my back the whole movie. He comes for a snack once in awhile to just sit and visit with me. We go fishing a lot together and we walk lots and lots. My daddy loves my daycare kids, if I’ve had a bad day or just need time without them I’ll walk over and he’ll take them out and about while mama and I just sit and visit. The kids love “grandpa”. My son looks to his grandfather when he needs a man to really appreciate him. When Mike bought his first car it was grandpa he took it to, showed it off to. When grandpa needs help Mike is there in an instant to do whatever it is grandpa needs. My daddy is special, my daddy loves me, I love my daddy.



Happy Father’s day Daddy. I LOVE YOU!!!


In3Dee said...

That is a beautiful post. :) I still call my dad "Daddy" too.

Candace said...

My daddy was always "Daddy" to me. Cherish every moment with him! It is a gift. When you get a minute, please stop by and see me at

I have a little something for you over there. I hope you like it! Candace~♥

Feeling Just Right said...

Your daddy is a very handsome man! I love the bond you have with him. That is the most amazing part of all your posts!

Happy Daddy's Day to your Daddy!

p.s. I said "Happy Daddy's Day" to mine too. "Daddy" is such a sweet, baby term. I love it!

Awww, your post is making me cry a little now.

Big hug.

Saying prayers for your Daddy and mine! :)

Kim said...

You are so LUCKY to be able to see your Daddy!!!! Lucky, lucky, LUCKY!!

Julie said...

Thank you guys for you sweet comments.

In3Dee....I don't see me ever calling him anything else. I'm glad to read you do too.

Candace...was? I'm sorry. I promise to cherish my daddy always.

Vi...Thank you my dear. Yes the bond is quite special. I'm glad you wished your daddy a happy father's day too.

Kim...Give your daddy lots and lots of love when you're with him this weekend. Take lots of pictures too to share with us.

Take care my friends.

Flying high in the sky.... said...

you made me cry.... are'nt fathers the manifestation of GOD... beautiful write up words can express any further what i want to say...

LoveLivesHere said...

Great post :) I'm your newest follower!

Love it if you'd stop by & follow me :)

bluecottonmemory said...

You are a blessed woman to have a father like that! You are livin' the dream!

bluecottonmemory said...

You are a blessed woman to have a father like that! You are livin' the dream!