Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Whew!!! Now that was the best….


6 days I have every had in my life. Sally’s visit was the greatest visit I have ever had. She came in on Thursday late afternoon and left this morning before breakfast time. We chatted late into the night every single night, we went and visited family, I took her all over to see what our wonderful area has to offer. We shopped, ate, talked, visited, had graduation, daycare birthday party, girls day out, open house and our final day yesterday, just us. I’m not sure how to put into the words just how great out time was. I am going to show you in pictures, I think that’s the best way. First…more words though…

Our daycare birthday party was a blast. The weather was great, not hot, not cold or rainy. The kids had a great time playing and they loved their birthday gifts. Mike took the day off too to be with us and the kids think that is the best part of all.

Graduation was a sad but grand affair. Mike made me so proud. When they called your graduates name you were to stand up with them and I couldn’t help but puff up with pride for my son. Jim, my mom and dad, Daren, Brenda, Sally and I all went to show him how much we loved him and Sally hooted and hollered when they gave Mike his diploma. My daddy sat right beside me with tears in his eyes just smiling that great big grandpa is proud of you smile. It was the greatest feeling in the world being there and watching Mike getting ready to move on to the next part of life.

On Saturday I took Sally to meet some of my friends. There isn’t enough time in any vacation to meet them all but we had a great time with what we had. We first went down to Brenda’s for a  big country breakfast. She made us the best omelets, bacon, fried potatoes and strawberries. We visited there a bit and then headed over to Kim’s house. Kim had so many neat crafts and ideas to show Sally, WOW was Sally impressed with all that Kim can do. Then we all piled into my suburban, along with Kim’s daughter Abby, and headed to Brainerd. Our first stop was Gull Lake Recreation area where we saw ancient indian burial grounds. Sally is really into indian history so we shared some of ours with her. Then we went to this really neat, huge store called Christmas point. Now it doesn’t have Christmas stuff in there, it’s just their name but they have anything and everything imaginable. Anything from coffee and fudge to furniture and paintings. Sally found some Minnesota goodies to take home with her and before she left today she gave me one of them. I’ll show you later on. We then went down town Brainerd and did some shopping at the smaller stores and found a few things we just couldn’t live without. Applebee’s was our dinner stop with all of us eating way more then we have in ages and laughing the night away. After we dropped Kim and Abby off we headed over to Terri’s. Sally took so many pictures of all the wonderful animals that Terri has there. Sally wants to make a book up for the kids and now has a great start on that with all the pictures. We had wine tasting that Terri makes and Sally wants Terri to send her some honey wine that she fell in love with. Now I’m a wuss when it comes to that stuff, it all smells bad and tastes worse but you know what, Terri had a cranberry wine that if I wasn’t such a wuss I’d even drink that. We got home and talked way into the night about my friends and just how different but terrific they all are.

Sunday started out as a beautiful sunny day. We got all set up for the open house and at noon the Lord decided today was going to be a rainy day. For a little bit I was upset about it, it wasn’t at all what I wanted for the day. I wanted sunshine and warm so everyone would be happy and enjoy themselves. Well, guess what……it doesn’t take sunshine to make that happen. Mike had a crowd of 50 people come to wish him the best of luck. It wasn’t a come and go day either, most everyone was there at 2:00 and no one left before 4:30 or so and then the ones that did stay, well we just had steaks, potatoes and corn on the grill and more fun and fellowship. It rained cats and dogs most of the afternoon but we all either sat on my porch, sat on the picnic table under the canopy or stood under the other two canopies and chattered, hugged, loved and enjoyed. Some of Mike’s scouts came and they all played Cribbage and had a great time. Oh guys, if your kid says he doesn’t want an open house, if at all possible, do it anyways. Even a small get together is oh so worth it all. Really it is.

Yesterday was the most beautiful day, it was sunny, warm and a perfect day for Mike to take Sally and I out for breakfast and then up to Look Out Ridge in Ironton to see the pit lakes and surrounding area's. Mike had to work at noon but we had the perfect morning with him. Then it was Sally and I out and about. I tried to take her to an Indian Museum in Onamia but they were closed so we just head to Brainerd for some shopping. She needed a new pair of sandals and Mike wanted socks. I found some socks for me also (both Mike and I think we are in heaven when we get new cushy socks). On the way home we took Mr. Monkey, Mr. Space Monkey, Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Monkey’s brothers to different places to have their pictures taken. The stuff animals started out as Mr. Rabbit at Sally’s daycare where she takes him on adventures. Well he came here one year and visited some of the places we had to offer and then meet Mr. Monkey which was our guy we took places. Well they both went back to Sally’s for a year and that’s where Mr. Space Monkey came in and then this year Mr. Monkey’s brother joined in. You’ll get to meet them in the pictures.

Today I had to take Sally to the airport, it was sad. I cried, she cried because we didn’t want this great time to end but we know that in the next year or so we’ll be seeing each other again, maybe this time I’ll head out her way. Now I don’t fly but it’s only 1120 miles out there, just a couple days drive if I go alone and less if Mike comes with me or Jim if he would. So you just never know.

I know this post is long and I apologize for that but how can I share just bit and pieces with you? I can’t so just read what you can when you can and come back later to finish up. Now do you want to see pictures? Or should I wait and share them later on? It would really make this a long post if I do them all now…what do you think? Now or later?………..well what do you think? Okay, I get it ….NOW!!! So without anymore words, here is my week in pictures. Enjoy my friends and thank you for waiting for me to come back and share with you all. Take care and God Bless!!!


Ms. Sally from New York and I.

100_2192 100_2195 

Mike giving the kids 4 wheeler rides before the park.

100_2241 100_2205 

 100_2221 100_2231



The birthday party at the Deerwood Park.

 100_2253 100_2277

100_2283 100_2286 

  100_2296 100_2294

100_2288 Mom, I’m tired of pictures…

My graduate…I love you Mike!

Girls day out…….WOW, sharing friends with friends, it is amazing….truly!!!

100_2310  100_2298



Mike’s Open House….

 100_2326 100_2328

100_2332 100_2335

100_2336 100_2342

 100_2349 100_2357

My FAVORITE family picture…..

Jim Julie Mike 6-2010

And then our last day together…..



100_2388 100_2393

 100_2394 100_2399

100_2401 100_2405

100_2407 100_2412

And then the saddest moment….


Bye Sally, I love you!!

I miss you so much Sally and it’s only been 6 hours. Thank you for coming into my life, for being such a huge part of it, for coming to love my family as my as I love you and yours.

And thank you Sally for the gift you left me. I will use it always and never forget your visit here with me. I love you!!



Kim said...

Phew!! What a week!!! I'm glad you had so much fun - I know I was so very happy to finally meet Sally - you made some wonderful memories...good thing you have this blog to keep track of everything!!

Feeling Just Right said...

I agree with Kim. Great blog with great memories, this is turning out to be!

Julie, I love the pictures! Your white top, that you bought looks stunning- sincerely.

The family picture is damn cute. You look so good in there!

I am SO SO SO happy you had so much fun and that you know now, what a great host you were to Sally!

Thanks for such a beautiful update.

p.s. I never got around to thanking you for that very sweet e-mail you sent Me. I wish you enough too, Julie! I wwish you enough..

Brooke said...

Wow! You have been very busy! Thanks for dropping by The Craft Cave and for becoming a follower. Good Luck with your flower clips. I am your newst follower.

SueDohNihm said...

Looks like you had one busy and lovely week! Im glad you had such a good time. I know what you mean about being so proud of your graduate. I went to my nephews graduation this past week and I (along with the rest of the family) busted out in tears. He nearly succeeded in committing suicide a few months back. Looking at him and knowing he almost wasn't with us was so overwhelming. But he is stronger than ever and is excited to be heading to college:-)

Loved the pictures! Thank you for sharing your amazing week :)