Monday, May 31, 2010

Bye, I’m off until a week from tomorrow…

Well first off you all know about Sally’s up-coming visit. She’s flying all the way from Canandaigua New York to be here with us in Minnesota for Mike’s graduation and his open house plus for a girlfriend day out and a day with just Mike and I. I can’t wait, Thursday is fast approaching for her coming here day. We have been busy getting ready for all three events. Oh and I almost forgot too, my daycare is having a big birthday party for Jon, Anton and Hannah on Friday. Jon and Anton will be 6 and Hannah will be 2. The kids are so looking forward to Sally coming. Sally does daycare in New York so she wanted to be part of one of our days too. I picked up some really cool things for the kids. Jon is getting a fishing box for his rock collection. Anton is getting Finger Skate Boards and Hannah I found her a really colorful little purse from Mexico at a garage sale and got her a baby that fits in it perfectly. We will have our party at the Deerwood Park where it’s so peaceful and nice and such a great place to play.

Sally flying in;



graduation clipart

  Open House;


Birthday party;

The lists on the table are slowly getting checked off. The supplies are here. The cake is ordered. Mike’s gown is hanging ( I sure wish I knew how to get it unwrinkled though). Mike has two dress shirts with ties and dress jeans (unless I wanted to pay over $70.00 or more for special made pants jeans are going to have to work, Mike is just so tall). I even picked up a new pair of jeans for me and a tank top to go under a special blouse for the open house. I think things are coming into place now.

So with all of that said, I will be off from blog land until I take Sally home next Tuesday, the 8th. I will have so much to share, so much to show you. I do wish I could take some of you with me too. I need someone that has already had their only child graduate. I need something that has had an open house to make sure I’m doing this right. I need someone that has had a house guest before to make sure I have everything that Sally may need or want. I know in my heart that all will go just fine but of course my mind has little stupid thoughts at times. I’m not listening to much though because I am going to enjoy all of this. I am so excited!!!

So all in all that’s 6 important days with plenty of time for chattering, eating and just visiting.

My friends, take care and enjoy your week. I’ll be back soon. God Bless!!!


Feeling Just Right said...

Ohh Julie! You'll rock! you're going to look VERY beautiful! ENJOY the whole thing.

Come back with truckloads of memories to share. I'm feeling the nervous energy you're feeling. You'll do good!


Mom vs. the boys said...

so many great things to look forward too! enjoy!

Java said...

Have a wonderful week! You will be missed! Sounds like some great memories will be made!

Take care!

Midday Escapades said...

Busy bee you are! Have a great time off and enjoy every minute. See you soon.


Ro Magnolia said...

Hi! I just came over from Java's Follow Friday 40 and Over. I'm following you now and look forward to reading your blogs. Love to have you stop by and visit mine too! :)

Holly said...

You have an amazing week...enjoy all the life is offering you right sounds wonderful!